CrossFit vs P90X: Which workout should you do

If you’re a fitness buff, you’ve probably heard about many exercise routines. From High-Intensity Interval Training, Tabata, Aerobic, and more, each one has a promise of stellar results. But have you considered CrossFit vs P90X? Like the mentioned routines, both CrossFit and P90X are effective workouts to lose weight, build muscles, and improve your endurance. … Read more

5 Best Spinlock Dumbbells For Your Home Gym – Buying Guide

The best spinlock dumbbells are perfect for various weight training routines. Since you can easily adjust the weight, a pair can be changed from light to heavy ranges. Unlike hex and neoprene types, spinlocks have multiple plates and spinlock collars. You simply slide the plates into the bar and lock it in place. It’s very … Read more

Best Quiet Fans For A Home Gym

 Ventilation is important when setting up a home gym. This will prevent bad odor from forming due to sweat and other things. However, it’s important to choose the best quiet fans for home gym so it won’t interfere with your workout music and gym clock buzzer. Unlike standard home fans, those made for gym purposes … Read more

Why are Dumbbells Expensive? Here’s the Truth

Why are dumbbells expensive? While you can always find cheap options, high-quality dumbbells will usually cost a lot. This is due to very reasonable factors. Dumbbells have to be made of durable and solid materials. Aside from that, transporting heavy dumbbells will cost manufacturers a lot in terms of freight expenses. Below, I discussed other … Read more