5 Best Spinlock Dumbbells 2022 – Buying Guide and Reviews

The best spinlock dumbbells are perfect for various weight training routines. Since you can easily adjust the weight, a pair can be changed from light to heavy ranges. Unlike hex and neoprene types, spinlocks have multiple plates and spinlock collars. You simply slide the plates into the bar and lock it in place. It’s very … Read more

Why are Dumbbells Expensive? Here’s the Truth

Why are dumbbells expensive? While you can always find cheap options, high-quality dumbbells will usually cost a lot. This is due to very reasonable factors. Dumbbells have to be made of durable and solid materials. Aside from that, transporting heavy dumbbells will cost manufacturers a lot in terms of freight expenses. Below, I discussed other … Read more

How to Reduce Treadmill Noise in an Apartment

Treadmills aren’t just cumbersome equipment, it can be pretty noisy too if you don’t know how to maintain it. The impact of your feet and the noise from the motor can easily fill a small apartment. Worse, your neighbors will not be fond of the sound machine. To help you out, I discussed here some … Read more

Best TVs for Your Home or Garage gym

A TV for your home gym? While setting up a home gym is about getting the right exercise equipment, a TV will level up your fitness experience. It will let you watch workout routines, coaching, and other workout materials to boost your progress. But just like buying your very first dumbbell or treadmill, you have … Read more

How to Clean a Treadmill Belt

Treadmills don’t come cheap, so proper maintenance is a must to increase its lifespan. One of the components that suffer the most is the treadmill belt. Every mile that you run takes a toll on the belt, which will require regular check-ups. For this post, we will discuss how to clean a treadmill belt and … Read more

Best Sound System for Home Gym

A workout session will not be complete without the best sound system for home gym. Using the speaker system of your gym, you can play upbeat music and instructor courses with ease. The punchy beats and deep bass will set the mood for your workout session, not to mention that it will also help with … Read more