Best Ab Wheels with Foot Straps

Whether you want to work on your abs at home or at the gym, you need the right ab wheel to make it happen. Rather than using the normal boring ab wheels, why not try out something different? We are talking of the best ab wheel with foot straps.

If it is the first time coming across this type of ab wheel, do not worry as it works just as the normal ab wheel only that it is more versatile. Below are some of the top models in the market.

Top 3 Best Ab Wheels with Foot Straps

GoFit Extreme Ab Wheel Roller with Handles

This is a top choice as the best ab wheel with foot straps because of its solid construction. The manufacturer made it durable so that you can use it for longer.

The manufacturer made it to have a premium rubber tire with all the knobby tread making it ideal for long term use. There are less chances of slipping with the type of thread on the ab wheel tire.

Another thing you will like is the stability of the ab wheel. Since it is highly stable, you can do several intense workout sessions without worrying it might lose balance. You will now end up building a strong core and the overall power in your arms.

The ab wheel also comes with hand grips and food pedals to make it a highly versatile tool. You can use it with your hands or feet depending on the workout. As such, there is so much to achieve with just a single tool.


  • It is highly durable
  • It has foot pedals for versatility
  • The model is stable for better workout


  • Some feel it is too bulky

Prism Fitness Core Wheel

If you want the best ab wheel with foot straps, then this is another common choice. It stands out for being easily adjustable to suit the size of the one using it. Since it includes the food pedal system, then it is going to be a highly versatile ab wheel to get right now.

The model stands out for being a great ab wheel to workout your entire core with ease. Because of its design, it is more than a tool to work on your abs only.

The manufacturer printed out all the workouts you can do with the equipment on its exercise mat. You will notice that the mat comes with 6 workouts making it even better in terms of workout versatility.

The model is easy to store and transport. This is because the handles can fold down into a small form factor. Since it is also lightweight, carrying it around should not be a problem. You can toss it in the car and take it out whenever you want to workout.


  • It is easily adjustable
  • It can workout your entire core
  • The model is easy to store and transport


  • It is pricey

Lifeline Power Wheel for Ultimate Core Training

One thing that you will like about this ab wheel should be its impressive balance. Unlike other models, you will feel that it is balanced in the hand so that you can have a better coordination.

With the regular use of this best ab wheel with foot straps, you will end up with a strengthened core. It is also good for targeting the upper and lower body since it has both the handles and foot pedals.

Users enjoy working out with it thanks to the comfortable soft foam grip for the hands. You can do more reps without feeling that your hands hurt.

Since it is adjustable, it can be customized to your size. This is mostly for the foot pedals that can be adjusted to suit your size. They are also easy on and off during a workout session.

The design of the ab wheel makes it great to work up to 20 muscles of the entire body. As such, it would be an ideal tool to workout even better.


  • It comes with an impressive balance
  • It can be used for more than 20 muscles
  • The straps are easily adjustable for the right fit


  • It is not the easiest to assemble

How to Choose the Best Ab Wheel with Foot Straps

The stability

When using an ab wheel, the last thing you want is for it to feel wobbly in the hand. It might even make you skid while working out. It is why you need a model with the best stability.

Look at its tire and the treads on it. They can help a lot in boosting its stability.

Build quality

Of course, you would want to get the best model that offers the right durability for an ab wheel. It is best to check out what other people say about its durability. No one wants to buy a new ab wheel every few months. It is why the durability is crucial to consider.

The grip

As much as the wheel stability is important, the grip that you get with the handle is also crucial. Some models will come with a padded handle so that you can find it comfortable doing several sets with the model.

Since the exercises will mostly be done with your hands, you need them to be comfortable. No one wants to strain the hands when working out with an ab wheel.

The Cost

The cost for the best ab wheel with foot straps is likely to be more. This is because it has more functionality than just a normal ab wheel. It is then important to check out the various features that come with the ab wheel before making up your mind. There are some models that can be affordable and still offer the best functionality.


One thing that stands out for any best ab wheel with foot straps is that it can be quite effective. Considering that you get to do more workouts with just one tool, it will stand out as being a top choice for many people who want something different. From the various models above, you should now have an idea of what to choose for your needs for an ab wheel.