5 Best Budget Power Rack

Power racks are important gym equipment you cannot afford to miss in a gym setup. However, power racks are not always the cheapest. You can get some going for several thousands of dollars. That might not always be within the budget of most people. It is why they might be in the market for the best budget power racks. Just because they are budget equipment, it does not mean that they would not be great to deliver on performance. You can always go ahead and get yourself the best budget power rack that still can hold up just like the expensive power racks.

Why You Should Use a Power Rack

At first, they might seem intimidating but once you know how to use them, then power racks will be your best gym equipment to always have. Below, we look at the main reasons you should get yourself a budget power rack for your gym set up.

  • For many people, a power rack is good for improving the efficiency of working out. It will help you to target as many muscle groups as possible. As such, you will always have a great time working out better than before.
  • The power racks are also known for improving the core strength. This is because the different exercises that you do with a power rack will workout the whole body. As such, your core strength gets better in no time.
  • Power racks are generally easy to use as compared to the other types of equipment. You can set them up with the right amount of weights and get down to working out. You would notice that working out is easier to get encouraged, especially if you are a newbie to working out.
  • Most of the power racks are built to be sturdy and deliver years of performance. Considering you would be using the power rack to hold a lot of weight; you would want one that is good in terms of durability. Even the affordable power racks will have the best durability if you choose correctly.  

Below, we review the top 5 best budget power racks to consider getting right now. These are known for their construction, durability, and multiple exercises you can do with them.

Top 5 Best Budget Power Racks

Our Top Pick

Runner’s Up

Valor Fitness BD-7 Power Rack

This is another best budget power rack to get for the money. One thing that stands out should be that it is heavy duty. It is constructed using heavy gauge steel. This type of steel is important to improve the overall durability of the unit. It does come with rubber base caps. These caps are good for improving stability and floor protection. For someone who is just starting out to set up a home gym, this can be a nice gift for them.

Versatility is another reason why you would want to get yourself this power rack. The unit does come with a pull up station and other configurations you could use. There is no doubt you would have an easy time buying it knowing that you can do multiple workouts on the same power rack.

The model does come with the best adjustability you could ever want. You will get up to 27 different positions to choose from. Since you can also adjust the height from 17.5 inches to 68 inches for the bar support, then it will be ideal for various exercises.

✔️It is a highly versatile power rack
✔️It is heavy duty
✔️The model is easily adjustable
Cons .
❌ Some feel the sturdiness could be better

TITAN Fitness Short Power Rack T-2 Series Weightlifting Equipment

The TITAN Fitness T-2 series has always been one of the top options for those seeking the best weight lifting equipment. The best part is that it is going to be ideal in terms of performance over the years. You never have to worry about durability with this one. The manufacturer uses heavy duty steel that can stand up to daily use, even when you load it up with heavy weights.

The model is good for those looking to improve their form. We all know that if you do not lift the weights right, you are likely to end up with injuries. That is not what you want. Getting this model can help you workout safely and better than before.

You will also notice that it comes with up to 28 positions. The aim is to accommodate your needs for having a versatile power rack. As such, it would be the best budget power rack for exercises such as chin ups, deadlifts, cross training, and so much more.

✔️It will help improve your form
✔️It is made of heavy-duty steel
✔️The model has multiple positions to support different types of workouts
Cons .
❌It is heavy. Moving it might not be easy

Goplus Power Rack Heavy Duty Adjustable Power Cage

For those in the market for the best budget power rack, then they should consider this one too. It is loved for having adjustable positions with up to 4 safety support bars. The aim is to keep it as sturdy as possible so that you have an easier time working out without worrying that it might come crumbling down.

To make it stand out even more, it does have a heavy-duty construction too. It is made of strong steel frame that is powder coated. The powder coating finish adds a protection layer to the steel to resist rust and corrosion. You should now end up with the best durability whenever you buy this model.

Since it has a weight capacity of 450 pounds, it should be good for various workouts. Some even use it for pull ups and other types of heavy weight workouts. The solid pull up bars on the model will be good for training your upper body and back.

The model features two liftoffs and two safety rods. The aim is to make it good for full range shoulder workouts. You are also going to like it for helping you build better and wider biceps, triceps, and back.

It is an all-in-one station for many people to consider using. You can do the different types of workouts without much of a problem. It comes down to the different accessories and other gym equipment that you have. It is easy to pair them with the cage and have a nice time working out.

✔️It comes with adjustable positions
✔️The model has a heavy-duty construction
✔️It is good for multiple exercises
Cons .
❌The weight capacity rating could be better for a power rack

Merax Athletics Fitness Power Rack Cage

This is a sturdy power rack that you can buy for the money. Even if it is sturdy, many still find it being the best budget power rack. To make it sturdy, this power rack comes with sturdy steel used in making it. It does also come with 4 solid steel chrome bars for attaching the weight when working out.

The model comes with a built-in pull bar. This will make it good for you to do multiple types of workouts using the same type of tool.

The 21 variable positions that you get with this model will be ideal for you to adjust the height just as you would like. You can start with the height of 17.5 inches up to 68 inches.

The foam-covered utility bar should take away the strain on your hands. You can now do as many reps per set as you can do without too much strain. This will appeal to even newbies who are new to working out.

✔️It is made of sturdy steel
✔️It comes with 21 variable positions
✔️The foam-covered utility bar eliminates strain
Cons .
❌The bolts feel cheap to keep it stable for longer

How to Pick the Best Budget Power Rack

The Weight Capacity

The weight capacity is important for any power rack. It determines just how much weight you can stack on the power rack before it comes down crumbling. Luckily, many manufacturers take this requirement seriously. As such, you will find that most models will have a greater capacity. Nevertheless, you should always look at the manufacturer rating to understand if it would be a great model for you or not.


The size is important to keep in mind too. Not all people have enough space to keep a full-size power rack. Look at its width and height when considering its size. Getting a taller power rack can help in doing multiple exercises, however, it might not fit in all spaces. The same goes for the width. Take the time to sample several units to see which one would be ideal for the space available.


When buying the best budget power rack, you must always consider the types of accessories that come with the model. Depending on the model, you are likely to find it having accessories such as safety pins, pull up bars, dip bars, weight holders, and so much more. The various accessories will determine the number of exercises you can do on the power rack. Depending on the budget, you can try to get a model with the most accessories as much as possible.

Ease of Assembly

How you can be able to assemble the power rack once it is shipped is also important. Not all models might be the easiest to assemble. Some might need a bit of time to fully set up while others are straightforward. It is no secret that many would want one that does not take much time to assemble. Well, look at the product reviews to see what others say. If they had an easy time setting it up, then it can be an ideal option for you to consider too.

Final Thoughts

Getting the best budget power rack does not always mean that you get a poorly made power rack. You might be surprised by the number of quality power racks available at an affordable rate. They will be good to help you achieve the best workouts without necessarily spending much. All the models we have reviewed above are great. You can always pick one that stands out for you and delivers the best performance that you are looking for in a power rack.