7 Best Cable Machine for Home Gym – Buying Guide 2020

Working out inside your home is actually beneficial especially if you have all the necessary equipment intended for your specific exercise routine. In case you want to put up a home gym, the best cable machine for home gym is typically helpful for your purpose. If you want to buy this gym equipment and you are having a hard time, you landed on the right page. We reviewed seven of the best cable machines available in town. Check them out below.

7 Best Cable Machine for Home Gym

Bodycraft HFT Functional Trainer

One of the best cable machines for a home gym is the Bodycraft HFT Functional Trainer which is outstandingly sturdy. Although it is large enough, it is highly durable and precise making it the standard one in starting your training. Moreover, in case you all have the right budget and the appropriate space in your home gym setting, this best cable machine for home gym is really a great one.

The Bodycraft HFT Functional Trainer contains dual pulleys, a storage rack attachments, and an extra pull-up bar to make a well-rounded product. In case you are looking for all the key functions of a cable machine, Bodycraft HFT Functional Trainer has it all. Actually, this cable machine performs better because of it. However, the only concern that many people are dealing with this best cable machine for home gym is increasing of the weight stacks that has a weight of 150 lbs to 200 lbs. These weight stacks are typically the “standard” amount of weight for most gym-goers or fitness enthusiasts. 

Yet, when it comes with the best cable machine for home gym, the weight stacks amount is not really a big deal. Some exercise routines that can utilize the full stack are present on the cable machine. And it is actually possible to use both weight stacks simultaneously with several attachments for a total weight of 300 lbs. Basically, this amount is already enough for fitness lovers doing almost every exercise routines.

Meanwhile, even the best cable machine for home gym comes with noticeable downsides. The Bodycraft HFT Functional Trainer is obviously heavy and it takes much effort to ship and assemble it. Technically, considering buying a cable machine for home gym that has a weight of 500 lbs, the Bodycraft HFT Functional Trainer tends to be logistically unchangeable.


  • Really sturdy
  • Great mixture of features and product basics
  • Excellent product usability and reliability


  • Extra weight stacks are added to get the standard weight
  • Shipping and assembling require too much effort

XMark Fitness Functional Trainer Cable Machine

If additional versatility is what you are looking for the best cable machine for home gym, the XMark Fitness Functional Trainer Cable Machine must be included on your list. An additional feature of this cable machine is a decent system that has a slim appearance with weight-stacks of about 200-pound. This best cable machine for home gym is adjustable and scratch-resistant.

The XMark Fitness Functional Trainer Cable Machine has a durable steel mainframe. Due to its grey coating finish this best cable machine for home gym is also built with corrosion feature. Moreover, its weight makes this cable machine pretty much stable and strong. Additionally, XMark Fitness Functional Trainer Cable Machine can go beyond greater than 800 lbs once completely assembled.

Moreover, this best cable machine for home gym provides dual weight-stacks in which the cable pulleys are really attached. Aside from that, working on each limb in a separate manner is freely allowable. In addition, XMark Fitness Functional Trainer Cable Machine comes with 19 column adjustments entail several accessories that are all exclusive.

Although this cable machine works very quiet, the XMark Fitness Functional Trainer Cable Machine needs little effort for its maintenance. Yet, to make it more versatile and highly functional, it comes with additional accessories to complete it.

With this, this best cable machine for home gym is excellently suitable for all users as it is capable of doing greater than 35 gym exercise routines. Despite being expensive, having all of its great features, XMark Fitness Functional Trainer Cable Machine can surely provide extreme value for money.


  • Provides real isolateral movements
  • Pulleys offer convenient access which gives fast adjustments
  • Comes with high-quality metallic cables made of PVC coverings that are durable


  • Non-upgradable weight-stacks
  • Costly
  • Assembling time is tricky

Archon Wall Mount Cable Crossover Home Gym Equipment

The next on our list for the best cable machine for home gym is the Archon Wall Mount Cable Crossover Home Gym Equipment. Compared to most cable machines that have internal weight stacks, this cable machine utilizes both 1″ and 2″ weight plates. Because of this, the installation becomes easier thus making it pretty much suitable for home use.

What’s comes with Archon Wall Mount Cable Crossover Home Gym Equipment? Generally, it contains two pulley machines separate from each other. This best cable machine for home gym has 19 adjustments columns as well. Aside from that, two pieces of wall mounts are also present per each station.

Another great feature that comes with the Archon Wall Mount Cable Crossover Home Gym Equipment is its swivel capability that can almost reach up to 180-degree. Because of this, this cable machine makes it highly applicable for exercises of both the upper and lower limbs of the body. Generally, this cable machine has a commercial design that is pretty ideal for use within the home.

Moreover, it also allows the positioning of the two separate pulley machines based on the space available. Additionally, the Archon Wall Mount Cable Crossover Home Gym Equipment has loaded plates rather than weight-stacks. This best cable machine for home gym is highly versatile and perfect for both first-time users and advanced fitness enthusiasts.

Archon Wall Mount Cable Crossover Home Gym Equipment is applicable for spaces with smaller training due to the option of pulleys placement. But, a little drawback about this cable machine is that it does not contain a central beam. So, it simply means that pull-ups and chin-ups cannot be done.


  • The width can be customized which makes it perfect for use at home
  • Wide range of exercises can be done
  • Offers security and stability
  • Very smooth and quiet when used


  • Do not provide pull-up or chin-up exercises because of center beam insufficiency
  • Can only be wall-mounted as floor fixing is not applicable
  • Must need to be purchase separate weights and attachments

Body-solid Powerline Cable Crossover Machine

This best cable machine for home gym comes in an entirely unique design compared to others. The Body-solid Powerline Cable Crossover Machine is a cable crossover in which there are present of weights on the opposite sides. In addition, it is also plate-loaded which entails perks and drawbacks to deal with.

Initially, the design of Body-solid Powerline Cable Crossover Machine requires a much larger space. Actually, this cable machine is not as bulky as a regular cable machine. However, the width of this cable machine is about 9 feet; the amount of space it needs is relevantly higher. Basically, this is such a challenge for a home gym as it requires lots of spaces in all directions.

However, two possible drawbacks accompany the use of a cable crossover machine. First, they are basically less versatile compared to the regular cable machines. And because of this, usability and value become really challenging for the Body-solid Powerline Cable Crossover Machine.

Primarily, this cable machine lets you utilize the cable crossovers, yet it only allows just a single exercise. Meanwhile, aside for losing its versatility, its design also makes it impossible to do pulldowns or other exercises intended for dual cable machine. Next in line is that the Body-solid Powerline Cable Crossover Machine is plate-loaded.

Actually, this is not really a problem with this cable machine. Yet, Body-solid Powerline Cable Crossover Machine needs additions of accessories like collars, weights, and chin-up handles which can be purchased separately. This seems not to be serious with those that already have a weight set at home. But, in case you are just starting up your home gym, this best cable machine for home gym might be some kind of an issue.


  • Crossovers are highly allowable
  • Less expensive compared to the regular cable machine


  • Most exercises are impossible to do
  • Basic accessories require separate purchase

Valor Fitness Wall Mount Cable Station Functional Home Gym

In case you are looking for a product that is light in weight and wall-mounted, Valor Fitness Wall Mount Cable Station Functional Home Gym is the best cable machine for home gym suitable for you. It actually demands a small space and the mechanism that it offers to follow the plate-loaded setting. Generally, Valor Fitness Wall Mount Cable Station Functional Home Gym is highly convenient and a fantastic home gym equipment.

However, you must consider the plate-loading process as it can be an issue for this best cable machine for home gym. Barbell and plates need to buy separately as Valor Fitness Wall Mount Cable Station Functional Home Gym does not have these basics along with the package. Once these accessories are already available in your home, this best cable machine for home gym can perfectly save money.

The built-in dual-attachment makes a real challenge for Valor Fitness Wall Mount Cable Station Functional Home Gym to have a single cable. Knowing this, curls, rows, and other single-arm cable exercises are more useful. The good thing is that it can level-up on various vertical pulling types. However, insufficient attachment support is a real challenge for doing lat pulldowns and the likes.

However, Valor Fitness Wall Mount Cable Station Functional Home Gym seems to lose some versatility factor. Thanks to its usability and space-saving built, the versatility issue has been offset. Aside from that, Valor Fitness Wall Mount Cable Station Functional Home Gym is the best cable machine for home gym still offers real benefits.

This cable machine is actually stable especially in terms of floor-mounting. Moreover, lower your expectation when it comes to the commercial smoothness of the cable. Actually, you need to clips for this cable machine or a method of adjustment to diameter plate with a size of 2”. Yet, this is not actually a big deal with Valor Fitness Wall Mount Cable Station Functional Home Gym.


  • A real space-saver
  • With great value for money


  • To need the best results may require clips adjustment

Titan Fitness Cable Crossover Machine

This next best cable machine for home gym is a cable machine that generally has no-frills. Since Titan Fitness Cable Crossover Machine has no internal weigh-stacks, the weight can be adjusted by adding some more. This is actually perfect for the use of beginners and advanced fitness enthusiasts. Moreover, this best cable machine for home gym is freestanding and has two separate weight towers.

Additionally, because of its 8” height, it becomes more applicable for spacious rooms and garages. The four fixed pulleys and cables that are all high in quality make it a functional training machine in conjunction with its lightweight. Moreover, the performance of a wide range of exercises is allowable. Additionally, Titan Fitness Cable Crossover Machine contains two pieces of nylon handles as well.

The Titan Fitness Cable Crossover Machine being the best cable machine for home gym is actually affordable. Yet, many accessories, like the bells and whistles, are not part of the inclusion. In addition, having a lightweight and mobile structure, it comes with a drawback of being unstable for those who are already a pro and have the desire to lift heavyweights.


  • Affordable
  • Lightweight making installation becomes easy
  • Perfect for use at home and in the garage


  • Unstable because of unfixed mounting
  • Do not offer pull-ups and chin-ups exercises due to lacking of center beam
  • Separate purchase of the weight plates
  • Inability to adjust the height of the pulley

Marcy Smith Cage Workout Home Gym System

In case you’d like to work out using a weight lift, this Macy Smith Cage Workout Home Gym System is perfect for you. This best cable machine for home gym offers all the exercise routine to boost the muscle and improve strength. It generally includes a linear bearing with a press bar and an ultra-glide. Moreover, to give ease, it incorporates a dual leg developer.

Aside from that, the cable machine pulleys are in the low side which is highly applicable for leg and row exercise workouts. The pulleys basically work on a various motion method which assists in maintaining the resistance on a lower rate while making the exercise accurate. Compared to the conventional cable machine, the Macy Smith Cage Workout Home Gym is far better as it allows users to either sit or move based on the exercise routine.

This best cable machine for home gym also has a multi-functional bench that aids in performing the other functions in a smooth manner thus also focusing on the muscle. Additionally, in order to enhance both legs and hands simultaneously, Macy Smith Cage Workout Home Gym includes a leg developer and bicep preacher curl. In addition, the total weight capacity may weigh up until 600 pounds which may vary depending on the user.


  • May be available in two colors
  • The construction is made of steel
  • Contains pegs that maintain the organization of weights


  • Pulleys can be enhanced

What are Cable Machines for Home Use?

Basically, cable machines are gym equipment or personal training tool that include weight stack in which cables and pulleys joined them. In a single direction and controlled motion, cable machines generally move. There are actually various exercise routines in which cable machines can offer.

A cable machine typically utilizes cables attached into a pulley in order to lift the weights. The cable has the ability to move in a free motion in all direction. Moreover, there are varieties of handle attachments that are generally suitable for attachment to the cable end.

It can be a functional training equipment or weight training tool at the same time. The main structure generally made out of steel frame with either rectangular or vertical orientations. Moreover, the weight plates are generally on the base of the machine.

Usually, few types of cable machines are intended on either a pulling or pushing workouts. Additionally, there are machines that contain two distinct cables on the sides machine which offer a broader range of selections.

Most of the time, the average weight of 20 lbs is the minimum resistance of a cable machine. Yet, the various types of cable machines mostly target a single muscle per period of time. In addition, cable machines are really crucial for newbie, athletes, and those desiring for recovery from injury.

Benefits of Cable Machines:

Below are the advantages of utilizing cable machines for training and workouts:

  1. Ease of use and appropriate form of technique

Cable machines generally offer the freedom of isolation of one muscle group per time. It also helps to focus on concentrating on a particular muscle group especially during a vigorous workout.

  1. Offers fluidity and flexibility compared to free weights

One of the great benefits of cable machines is that the setup time is not that hard to make. It is actually easy to change and put the weights on the side and in case of the machine, the time is basically less consuming.

  1. May not hurt or cause self-injury

Cable machines generally strengthen the body. Aside from that, cable machines support and control the body as well. Focusing on small muscles that do not tend to be used up during everyday exercises is also one of the objectives of the cable machines.

  1. Performance of a broad range of exercises

Using cable machines generally allows users to do all kinds of exercise routines. That’s one of the reasons why this gym equipment considers as a universal tool. Moreover, when you opt to use a cable machine, there’s no need to use more coordination. Additionally, users can be able to lift extra weights.

  1. Really versatile

Because cable machines have the ability to offer the users to operate various angles and directions, it generally becomes versatile gym equipment. Aside from that, it also saves time and useful by doing bicep curls, triceps extensions, and lat pulldowns.

How to Use Cable Machines?

The cable machine operates in a way which resembles the strength building machine. Muscle resistance exercises are the most common workout routines that can be done through the cable machine. Aside from that, there are pulleys in order to attach the weights to the cable.

Due to the weights, users may stay under pressure as they tend to exercise through the utilization of those cable machines. Basically, the muscles are still under pressure while doing the workouts. Keep in mind that using a cable machine means acting on a zero resting point.

There are two weight stacks involve in the setup of the best cable machine for home gym. The middle portion is generally for the purpose of performing exercise routines. External pulleys are also present which can are changeable in order to fix the connections of cable at various heights.

Moreover, the overall setup of the cable machine allows a user to do a wide range of exercises. It is also allowed to stretch the cables in any direction without losing the resistance. As you combine different cable machine accessories, the training sessions can be elevated to another level.

What to Look for When Buying the Best Cable Machine for Home Gym?

The cable machine is actually gym equipment in which choosing and buying can somehow be tricky. Looking after the one that accounts the users’ personal needs is really challenging as the best cable machine for gym available in the market are almost have the same pretty features. Fortunately, to opt for the best one, you have to consider these few things below:


Choosing the best cable machine for home gym generally need to consider the size of the equipment. Take account of the clearance over the head for ease of installation. Knowing this feature, ensure that there is enough space provided inside the home for the process of assembling and machine usage.


Basically, when buying a new product, especially for new equipment, the material is an important and number one factor to consider. Since you will be paying a lot with this equipment; you may actually need something that has high-quality steel materials. Aside from that, check if the equipment has a sturdy construction and verify if it will last strong for years regardless of the weight stack during the training.

In order to verify the best cable machine for home gym’s durability, find out the way of designing the equipment. Aside from that, it is also good to check the process each part are being connected with each other.

Moreover, in terms of durability and lasting strength, verify the cable machines’ foundation. Generally, the base part of the equipment is a crucial thing to take into account. Check for equipment that is broad enough, solid, non-slip, and with a very stable foundation or base.


Buying for the best cable machine for home gym needs the consideration of its price and you must have to consider it as an investment. In case you opt for a cable machine that is really worth the price, the equipment may stay longer with minimal repairs.

Basically, the key point here is not to be cheap and, as much as possible, save some bucks. In due time, this kind of gym equipment may be more expensive. This gym equipment can essentially have the value for the money that you are paying.


In terms of functionality, the best cable machine for home gym must provide various options for users’ selection. This is due to the fact that the cable machine has the main function to perform lots of exercises during the workout sessions.

When you look for a different type of cable machines available in the market, you may find that every equipment has various options, weight stacks and attachments. That’s why it is ideal to choose for the one that offers the greatest feature that depends on your certain fitness routines.


Buying the best cable machine for home gym, being user-friendly of the equipment is one of the main things to take into account. Look for the one that is basically easy to operate and just take around seconds to switch the height, weights, and angle. Moreover, this also includes the cable’s smoothness, grip quality, and other features that may come into it.


Basically, you should not consider unit assembling as a task. Generally, ensure that the assembly is direct whether it is performed by a single or two people.


Generally, there are two main weight options for the best cable machine for home gym. These types are the following:

  1. Cable machines with weight stacks in the package

Actually, this kind of cable machine is the one commonly used within commercial gyms. The primary advantage of having weight stacks along with the cable machine package is that it saves time. This actually applies in times of reducing or elevating the weight depending on the exercise routine.

Additionally, this is really advantageous if you are looking for a complete weight difference for various muscle exercises. Aside from that, extra weight stacks may not be purchased separately. However, they seem to be the most expensive type of cable machines.

Moreover, the entire package of this gym equipment is somehow heavy due to the extra built-in weight stacks. Extra strength and effort for its assembly are actually needed for this cable machine.   

  1. Cable machines using the users’ own weight plates

This second type of cable machine is actually seen as very rare in the market. The thing that makes this gym equipment an ideal one is that it is quite cheaper compared to the first one with plate’s inclusion. However, this is generally an excellent choice for those who already have weight stacks available.

In case, you are just beginning to work out at home using the best cable machine for home gym and you do not have extra pates to use, it is advisable to consider your future plans. But, it will generally cost additional charges when you tend to buy extra weight plates. Moreover, it will basically take some more time before changing the weight when you need to.


In considering the best cable machine for home gym, the pulleys are one of the important factors. Yet, those that are cheaper in the market have a really poor design. Moreover, keep in mind that the outside pulleys must not be rotatable.

Aside from that, check for models that have at least 2 and more pulley stations. Or, another consideration is the use of two or more pulley stations simultaneously. Having this number of places for attachment gives the freedom of doing more exercises at the same time.

Moreover, the ideal version of the best cable machine for home gym comes with 4 pulley stations. On the other hand, this one is the most costly among the other. Additionally, it is actually spaced consuming especially if you opt for a traditional cable machine type. Fortunately, cable machines with 4 pulley system intended for the home gym are widely available. 


Every cable machines available in the market today have distinct features. Aside from that, there are additional specs that they generally provide to the users. Those features may contribute to the usefulness of the workouts as they offer an additional boost.

The extra features may include the internal pull-bar, big quantity of handles that you can use, broad space for workouts, extra weight stack holders, and many more. Basically, there are many options for your selection. Choose the one that is actually essential for your need.

The Difference between a Home Gym vs. Gym Membership

Body fitness is already a norm nowadays. Many people want to have that perfect body to flaunt. Yet, the concern is whether to go to the gym or do it at home. Generally, having a home gym and availing a gym membership both entails perks and drawbacks. Check their difference below:


Basically, the gym is widely accessible to a broad range of exercise tools. This actually makes the gym an ideal place to get an easy, complete, and full-body workout. Additionally, boring has no room inside the gym. You may able to get along with other people and get to work out with them which makes this fitness hub a social place.

Aside from that, once you go to the gym, personal trainers are available to teach and guide you on the proper equipment usage. This is generally advantageous for a newbie in the fitness world. Yet, gym memberships are continuously increasing which makes it a financial concern for some.


Since gym membership generally becomes higher; some fitness enthusiasts cannot afford to pay it. In addition, there may come a time that going to the gym may not be done as frequent as you want even if the motivation is initially present at the beginning. Moreover, the gym might also get crowded for some time. This scenario may actually make it hard to access particular gym equipment.


Having a home gym gives you the major advantage of exercising any time of the day and not just during the gym is open. Another good thing is that you can actually volume up your music if you want. For some, working out in the private at-home gym is really comfortable as they get privacy.

Although putting up a home gym will cost a lot, it is definitely lower compared to the cost of a gym membership. Moreover, choosing high-quality home gym equipment like the best cable machine for home gym may make it last for longer years. Aside from that, tailoring the home equipment that specifically meets the fitness goal is really possible with a home gym.

Moreover, home gyms also offer more convenience because it is actually right there within your home which makes it easier to do the workouts. Additionally, the fitness plan may have to possibly be achieved even there is bad weather waiting ahead. Home gyms are basically a perfect option for those who have little or no access to the gym, most likely within the rural areas.

Furthermore, the home gym does not necessitate the sharing of gym equipment with others. The time to spend over certain equipment like the best cable machine for home gym can be longer. Aside from that, the strangers’ sweat may be prevented by touching personal home gym equipment.


Working out alone in a home gym may sometimes be lonely and the camaraderie is actually lacking. Another drawback includes the distraction of working out at home. There is a refrigerator, sofa bed, and the kids that may be tempting and caught your attention. Moreover, self-motivation for exercising at home makes it difficult to work out at home.

One more thing that can be a home gym downside is the space to be consumed by gym equipment like the best cable machine for home gym. In case, there is a tight quarter inside the house, adding home gym equipment may not be applicable.

Final Thoughts

The best cable machine for home gym will generally helpful in doing various workouts at the comfort of your home. It actually permits you to do various fitness workouts while utilizing only one gym equipment. However, keep in mind to consider buying the one made of durable steel. To sum it up, you should take into account its versatility, durability, size, and other features that come with it.

Moreover, in terms of this gym equipment, stacking a few bucks will be a good investment that may last in the long run. So, rather than opting for an affordable one, it is advisable to invest your money on a machine that maintains its strength for more years.

What are do you think of the cable machines we have here? Please share your thoughts with us!

Frequently Asked Questions:


A: Definitely, the answer is yes! Using cable machines can generally build up the muscles of the body. Comparing with free complex exercise routines for the purpose of strength and central stability, cable machines are basically good in performing exercises intended for resistance. In addition, with cable machines, you can enhance overloading for a definite time frame.


A: In terms of fluidity and smoothness, cable machines are far better compared to free weights. Moreover, when you tend to utilize couples of pulleys means that you wouldn’t get hurt because you were not able to push or pull against gravity. Generally, this action may place just a little pressure over the joints for safer routine sets and reps.


A: Basically, cable machines contain weight plates linked through cables to the cams and pulleys and just work in a single direction. Cable machines are usually ideal for a newbie in the field of weight training or in case you are working out alone as it will result in a good workout routine. By isolating a particular muscle group, the cable machines have a really controlled motion. 


A: Another great option to tone the pectoral muscles during the joint sparing is the cable chest fly. Typically, this is ideal for those who have joint discomfort during a bench press.