Best Rowing Machines for a Tall Person

There is no doubt that rowing machines are important for achieving different types of workouts. It is amazing just how you can hit different types of muscles with just one machine. When used correctly, it can workout any major muscles. It is why rowing machines are recommended for a full body workout. What if you are a tall person? The height of a person is still an important consideration when picking the best rowing machine. For the case of a tall person, you need to get the best rowing machine for a tall person. You might not know where to start looking, so we have highlighted some of the best rowing machines below for you to consider.

Top 7 Best Rowing Machines for a Tall Person

WaterRower Exercise Machine A1 S4 Rowing Machine

This is a nice option as the best rowing machine for a tall person. It is designed to give you a life-like water rowing experience. It is equipped with a patented water flywheel resistance and self-regulating resistance to make your workouts are better. You do not need to make any adjustments. The resistance depends on how fast you row.

The S4 monitor is a nice way of tracking your performance. It is good for displaying all the important information you would want when working out. Such information includes the distance covered, the calories burned per hour, and the time spent on the workout.

Because of its construction and design, this model barely needs any maintenance. You do not have to worry about lubricating the moving parts. The most common type of maintenance you can do includes using a purification tablet in the water after every 3 to 6 months. The tablets come in the package.

This rowing machine is good for working out 84% of the major muscles. Such include the arms, legs, shoulders, chest, and much more.

✔️Good for full body workout
✔️The model is low maintenance
✔️The S4 monitor helps to track your fitness goals
Cons .
❌It can be noisy for some people

Merax Magnetic Exercise Rower Adjustable Resistance Rowing Machine

You will likely enjoy working out on this rowing machine because of the multiple levels of resistance. The unit has up to 8 levels of resistance so you get to choose the level that is perfect for you. The tension knob is easy to use so that you can choose the resistance level. You should not shy away from increasing the resistance as you progress into your fitness journey.

When it comes to the seat, we find that it is well designed and contoured for better support and comfort. The extra padding is good to boost the comfort to another level. As such, you would be comfortable with such a seat

The durability of the unit is good considering it is made of strong materials. The steel material can stand up to a lot of weight the user might have. Its weight capacity is 264 pounds.  Still on construction, the unit can be folded into a smaller rowing machine for storage. It can be a nice workout machine for those who live in small apartments.

The unit comes with an LCD display with all the important fitness information. It is always good to know how many calories you have burned during a workout session.

✔️It has multiple resistance levels
✔️The unit has a comfortable seat
✔️It can be folded for storage

❌For the price, the weight capacity could be better

BodyCraft VR500 Rower

Like most new rowing machines, this one is also packed with some of the latest features. One of the notable features should be the LCD display with LED backlit keys. You can now see better and workout while knowing the overall progress you are making.

To make it the best rowing machine for a tall person, it is designed to be large enough. Even if you are a tall person who could not use the other types of rowing machines, then this one is for you.

The model’s resistance is electronically controlled. As such, it would have a lot more resistance levels. In this case, the model has up to 32 levels of resistance. As a result, it would be good to tune it to whichever resistance level that you want.

The construction on the other hand is good to boost its durability. You will find that it is made of a heavy duty I-Beam Mono-Rail using high strength T13 aluminum. You never have to worry about the overall durability of the unit.

Since you might have to store the rowing machine after use, this one easily folds and gets locked with a child safety lock system. In just three seconds, you can fold it into a small form factor and store it easily.

✔️The display has a lot of important information
✔️The rowing machine has multiple resistance levels
✔️It is made of strong aluminum material

❌The remote buttons are not highly responsive

Stamina ATS Air Rower Rowing Machine

For those in the market for the best rowing machine for a tall person, then this is a nice choice too. It is known to be good as a cardiovascular exercise you will enjoy. The model helps you to burn a lot more calories than ever before. Other than burning calories, the rowing machine is also good for improving the total body strength and improving the heart health.

Since it is an air resistance rowing machine, the type of resistance depends on how fast you row. If you want more resistance, then go faster or ease off when you want less resistance. It should be easy to operate even for someone who has not used it before.

The model still features an LCD workout monitor. Having a monitor is important to help you understand the progress during a workout. It does help with tracking the speed, distance, time, calories, and so much more. The LCD screen is large so that you have an easier time reading the figures while working out.

✔️The rowing machine is easy to operate
✔️It is easy to assemble
✔️It comes with a longer warranty to give you peace of mind
❌It could use Bluetooth connectivity to set it up with your phone

Stamina Avari Programmable Magnetic Exercise Rower

This is a top option for those looking for the best rowing machine for a tall person. It is good for building a strong back and toning your arms, legs, and abs. It is why many might consider getting it for their regular workouts. This unit targets the major muscle groups even if it is a low impact workout. Since it is low impact, those who might have injuries would also love to use the rowing machine.

Just like many other modern rowing machines, this one comes with an LCD backlit display. The work of the monitor is to help you learn more about the progress you are making during a workout. This rowing machine has up to 12 programmable exercise programs to use. There is no doubt you would be able to workout the whole body.

The machine is also designed towards giving you the best comfort while working out. This is because of the molded seat. It is also well padded to provide you with the best support while working out. You can now go ahead and use it for long hours without straining too much.

✔️It comes with a comfortable seat

✔️It features 12 exercise programs

✔️The model works on your major muscle groups
Cons .
❌It takes up a lot of space

LifeSpan RW1000 Indoor Rowing Machine

It seems like every new rowing machine has an updated console to give you as much information about your workout session as possible. That is what you get with this model. We find it having an easy to use console displaying information such as the stroke count, calories, time, and distance. The console uses two AAA batteries and thus does not need to be plugged in before you can use it. This should make it largely energy efficient.

The model uses the patented Eddy Current Drive System. It is good for delivering smooth and ultra-quiet resistance you need while working out. Also, the model features up to 5 levels of resistance. With the resistance knob, it is easy to vary the resistance to where you want.

As for comfort, the model comes with padded hand grips and comfortable injected foam seat. It should feel comfortable working out on such a device. The model can support users up to 300 pounds, so it should appeal to many users.

✔️It comes with an easy-to-use console
✔️The model is quiet and comfortable
✔️Quickly folds for storage
Cons .
❌Some found it being slightly unstable

Choosing the Best Rowing Machine for a Tall Person


No one would want to keep buying a new rowing machine every few months. It is why you would want to consider the overall build quality first. Look at the design and materials used in making the model. The quality would also affect the weight capacity of the model. Always read the product description to learn more about the weight capacity.

Workout Tracking

It is always good to be able to know your progress while working out. In this era, it is because to choose a model with the best console that displays all the workout information. This can include the calories burned, time, distance, and much more.

Ease of Use

The last thing you need is a complex workout equipment. Luckily, most of the rowing machines will be easy to use. You simply have to sit on it and start rowing. There are some that might have complex operating mechanisms, so stay away from them.

Resistance Setting

Resistance is what helps you workout even better. Without the resistance, there is not much you would gain from rowing. Depending on the type of resistance and model, the best rowing machine for a tall person can have multiple resistance settings. Some will increase the resistance depending on how fast you row. Understand the resistance setting of a model before you can buy one.


Working out should all be fun when you have the right equipment. It is why you should consider getting the best rowing machine for a tall person if you find yourself being tall. This ensures that the machine can cater to your needs and help you workout better. When looking at the various models we have mentioned above, they are all good in performance and can get you the best workouts ever. Pick the one you find is best for your workout needs.