5 Best Spin Bikes Under 500

Spin bikes have been around for years now. They are important pieces of equipment to have in a gym setup. It is why most people would be looking to own a spin bike to boost their workout sessions. What if you are on a budget? Well, you can always opt for the best spin bikes under 500. These are the bikes available at an affordable price, but they still deliver on a great workout experience. First, let us see what are the benefits of using the spin bikes today.

Benefits of Using Spin Bikes for Working Out

Check out some of the benefits of using spin bikes below.

  • A spin bike is good for burning calories. When you start working out on a spin bike, it can help burn a lot of fat throughout the whole body. The number of calories you burn depends on the effort that you put into the workout. If you increase the bike resistance and the intensity, you can burn a lot more.
  • The use of spin bikes can also improve your cardiovascular problems. This is because the workout on a spin bike is regarded as an anaerobic exercise. This helps to build up the stamina over time. You will need to control your breathing while riding the bike. Over time, you can improve the lung capacity too.
  • The use of a spin bike can help to boost your brain function. Several studies have associated working out on a spin bike to improving your attention power, cognitive power, and memory. As such, you end up with a better mind balance and cognitive response.
  • Spin bikes are good for improving the body balance. Each time you work out on a spin bike, you will coordinate the gait and body balance. It is why even the elderly can use a spin bike without much of a problem.
  • The spin bike workout is good for bone flexibility. Each time you cycle, you would end up with a better motion of the joints. As such, there is better flexibility if you continue using the spin bike for years.
  • Spin bikes offer a low impact workout. Sometimes you might be injured, so with a low impact workout, you would recover better while at the same time staying fit.

Top 5 Best Spin Bikes Under 500

Our Top Pick

Runner’s Up

Marcy Club Revolution Bike Cycle Trainer for Cardio Exercise

This is one of the top options as the best spin bikes under 500 as it provides you with an excellent cardio workout. Depending on how much intensity you want, it comes down to how hard you cycle. You can always play around with the resistance settings to see which level is ideal to help workout even better.

The ergonomic design of the seat is another thing to point out. Such a design ensures that you end up with the right comfort and easily use the spin bike. The seat has the same feeling you get with a road bike. Other than being comfortable, it is also adjustable. You can adjust the height of the handlebars and seat to a level that works for you personally.

Having a durable steel construction should be good for years of service. The durable steel is also resistant to rust and corrosion. To make it even better, it has a powder coating finish. Such means that the bike’s paint can remain looking good even for years to come.

✔️It is safe to use with its quick stop mechanism
✔️It has an impressive weight capacity of 300lbs
✔️The bike features a durable steel construction
Cons .
❌The pedals feel cheaply made

Exerpeutic LX7 Training Cycle with Computer Monitor

To be among the best spin bikes under 500, the model comes with some of the latest tech features. Such include having a computer monitor to help you with tracking your workout performance. There is an easy to read computer LCD display. From the screen, you will learn about the distance covered, the calories burned, pulse, and elapsed time. The unit still comes with heart pulse sensors for you to track the heart pulse with ease.

The multi-grip handlebars are also good to improve the way you cycle on the bike. These handlebars also include the heart pulse sensors to relay the information to the computer. The ergonomic cushioned seat should also make your time on the bike better. Considering that you can adjust the seat forward, backward, up, and down, it should be easy to set it up just as you want.

The 40-pound cast iron flywheel is good for offering the user with a smooth and consistent resistance while pedaling. You can even stand up to cycle to simulate an uphill road workout.

✔️The model has a 3-piece crank system for performance
✔️The LCD display shows you all the important date
✔️It has a 40-pound flywheel for the best resistance
Cons .
❌The accuracy of heart pulse monitors could be better

Schwinn Indoor Cycling Bike Series

Schwinn is another top brand you have probably come across when looking for gym equipment. This is one of their best spin bikes under 500 for those on a budget. The dual SPD pedals stand out for this unit. These pedals are known for their flexibility and toe cages to keep your feet from slipping while cycling.

The 40-pound flywheel should work for many because of the resistance it creates. The best part is that the belt system driving the flywheel is also silent. It is now easy to achieve the best workout without using a bike that makes a lot of noise.

The presence of an LCD console is another reason to pick this unit. The console is equipped with the right information you have always wanted to see during a workout. From the LCD console, you will see information such as the time, distance, RPMs, and calories burned.

Having the padded handlebars goes a long way to show that the unit is comfortable to use. You can be working out for long without feeling the strain. The same thing applies to the race style seat. It ensures that you have the best comfort and position for working out.

✔️The padded handlebars provide comfort
✔️The SPD pedals keep the feet from sliding
✔️It has an impressive flywheel weight for better resistance
❌The console could display more information about your workout session

OROTO Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary Exercise Bike

The unit stands out for having a solid build when compared to some other units in its class. The manufacturer uses the AV type frame. This frame is 50mm thick to hold as much weight of the user as possible. We find that it will hold up to 280 pounds as the maximum weight. As a result, it will be an ideal bike for many users right now.

You will like the model for being adjustable. The model allows you to adjust the handlebar in two ways and four ways for the seat. It is now possible to set it up right just as you would want. Another thing you can adjust is its resistance. Using the resistance knob, cycle through the different levels and find the one that works for you.

We find that it also comes with a user-friendly design. Such a design also includes a digital monitor. From the monitor, you will learn a lot more about your workout progress. The information includes the RPM, distance, calories, speed, and time.

✔️The model has a solid build
✔️It is fully adjustable
✔️It comes with a user-friendly design
Cons .
❌The pedals tend to fall off easily

Best Spin Bikes Buying Guide

The Design

The first thing you have to keep in mind is the design and construction of the bike. The design is likely to determine how easy it will be to use the spin bike. The construction of the best spin bikes under 500 is important as you do not want to end up with a bike that might break down easily.

Talking about breaking down, look at the weight capacity of the unit. Look at your weight and get the right bike that can handle your weight. The weight of the user can often determine how long the bike will last. Luckily, most models will have the best weight capacity. You can get a model with a better weight capacity even at an affordable price.

Resistance Levels

The flywheel is an important part of the spin bike as it helps with the creation of resistance. As such, the resistance varies from one bike to another. Depending on the type of bike, the most common resistance systems include magnetic and air resistance.

Look for a bike that allows you to vary the resistance level. A user can increase or decrease the resistance depending on the workout intensity he intends to achieve. Some models can have up to 8 levels of resistance adjustment.

Height Adjustability

The model that you choose should offer the option of adjusting the height of the handlebars and seat. In most cases, the seat can be adjusted up to four ways while the handlebars two ways. Pay attention to the height adjustment of these two components to see if it would be ideal for you depending on your height. With the right height adjustment, you would be comfortable on the bike each time while working out.


When looking at the different spin bikes under 500, the pedals are likely to be toe cages or SPD pedals. The toe cage pedals are loved for covering your feet and providing an enclosure to hold the feet from slipping. You can now cycle without much of a problem. The SPD pedals are complex in terms of construction, but they are good for providing the best grip. They clip directly to the shoe making it hard to slip too.

Final Thoughts

Whichever model that you decide to get, always consider the overall durability, performance, and ease of use. You need to have a great time working out so choose the right spin bike. All the models we have reviewed as the best spin bikes under 500, you should find them all being ideal for your workout sessions. You can always pick any of them and be sure it will work great for your workout needs.