Best Wrist Weights for Small Wrists

The idea of using wrist weights for working out is not a new one. Even if that is the case, you always need to approach it with caution. The last thing you need is to end up with injuries to your wrists. It is why we have to look at the best wrist weights for small wrists to help you choose the right ones.

When you have the right equipment for working out, then it is always fun to enjoy your workout sessions. Keep reading to learn more about the best wrist weights you can start using today for working out.

List of Best Weights for Small Wrists

Henkelion Adjustable Wrist Weight Sets

The set is seen as versatile since you can use it as both ankle weights or wrist weights. As such, no need to get different sets for your ankles and your wrists.

To make them better, they come as adjustable weights. The weights are in a separate weight bag. You only use the right weight depending on your training level. The weights vary from 2 lbs. to 10 lbs. It is easy to see that the set caters for the needs of different users with such weights.

You will also like the comfortable cotton material used to make the wrist weights. The result is that you feel that the weights are comfortable on your wrists. Also, the cotton material is breathable so, you should not feel sweaty even when used for extended periods.

The manufacturer also made these weights to be highly durable. Even with regular use, all you have to do is simple cleaning and you are good to go. Having the best durability also means you do not have to replace the set any time soon. That is value for money right there.


  • Good for both men and women
  • Highly versatile as to how to use them
  • The weights are easily adjustable to suit your needs


  • The smell right out of the package takes too long to wear off

Synergee Comfort Fit Fixed and Adjustable Wrist Weights

These are multipurpose ankle and wrist weights that you can get today. They are designed to be ideal for different workouts. It is why most people would use them for toning their legs, glutes, and more.

For many, they find it easy to secure the weights around their wrists and ankles. Even newbies to using wrist weights should find it easy to get started with such weights.

To be among the best wrist weights for small wrists, we find that they are also made of high-quality materials. They are designed with durability in mind. That is why they are made of high-quality neoprene material.

Unlike other models that might be made of nylon, the neoprene material is made for comfort and durability. There are four D-rings on each of the wrist weights to secure them properly. No chance of them falling off easily.

The use of Velcro straps helps with the adjustment of the fit when using the weights. You should now end up with a snug fit that helps you workout better.


  • The set is easily adjustable for a snug fit
  • The straps are made of high-quality material
  • They are multipurpose to work for various exercises


  • Some people wish for more color options

Sportneer Ankle Adjustable Wrist and Ankle Weights

These adjustable weights are some of the most affordable in the market. Even though they are affordable, they still live up to quality needs users might have when choosing the best wrist weights for small wrists.

One thing that stands out the most should be the adjustability. You can extend the length of the straps from 11.8” to 12.6”. The result is that the weight would fit most people without much of a problem. The use of Velcro straps should make it easy for you to have a better fit both on the wrists and ankles.

Still on adjustability, you will end up with 5 removable sand pockets each weighing differently. The aim is for you to adjust the weight of the wrist weights to suit your resistance level. So, you can add or remove the weight depending on your needs.

Having the neoprene exterior plus the reinforced stitching of the weights improves the durability. Still, they remain comfortable enough for you to continue using them for extended periods when working out.


  • The weights are easily adjustable
  • It is easy to extend the length of the straps
  • The set is made of quality materials


  • The weights do not have the best breathability

Fragraim Adjustable Wrist Weights

If you are still on a budget, then these are still the best wrist weights for small wrists that you can get today. One thing that makes them easily stand out should be their adjustability. You can easily add or remove weights depending on your endurance level.

The weight adjustability is from 1 to 5 lbs. So, you can always increase the weights whenever you feel you have built the endurance.

The users love the set because it is made of premium quality materials. You will find them being made of mercerized cotton. Unlike other material, this one gives you the best breathability. Even if you workout for longer, you do not need to worry about sweatiness.

Another top reason to like these wrist weights should be their snug fit. The strap is easily adjustable to fit different wrist sizes. Even if you have a small wrist, it should not be a problem to get it fitting just right.

The design of these wrist weights makes them ideal for various workouts. Such will include daily walking, jogging, gym workout, aerobics, and more.


  • The wrist weights provide a snug fit
  • They are good for different workout types
  • The weights are easily adjustable


  • Having more weight capacity could be better

TOSAMC Durable Wrist Weights

These two come with a different design to what you might have been used to as the best wrist weights for small wrists. Their unique look might be the reason some people might find them interesting.

Other than the looks, these wrist weights are built to make your workout better. This is because they come with different weight adjustment options. You can adjust the weight from 2 to 7.2 ounces. As a result, it is a perfect choice for beginners new to using wrist weights.

Once you have strapped the weights onto the wrists, you can now enjoy the hands-free workouts without worrying they might fall off. Some of the workouts you can do with the weights include aerobics, yoga, walking, Pilates, and more.

Looking at its build quality, we find it being one of the best. The manufacturer uses durable and soft silicone as the main material. This leaves you with a comfortable set of wrist weights. Also, the stainless-steel parts improve its overall durability too.

These wrist weights are also offered in multiple colors. The aim is to give you multiple options for those who might want something of a different color.


  • Ease of adjusting the weights
  • Good for different workouts
  • The weights are made of premium material


  • Only good for beginners as they can be too light for experienced users

What to Consider When Buying the Best Wrist Weights for Small Wrists


You always have to consider adjustability in terms of weight and straps for a snug fit. Make sure that the model that you get allows you to adjust these two things.

For an experienced user, you would want something that has more weight capacity. A beginner can start with small weights at first.

Build Quality

Look at the material used to make the wrist weights. The material needs to be highly durable so that you can keep using the set for years to come.


The wrist weights also need to feel comfortable. There are some people who use them for extended periods. As such, the material other than being durable, it also needs to be comfortable.

Ease of Cleaning

The material also needs to be easy to clean. At some point, you have to clean the weights because you get sweaty when working out. That should be something to keep in mind.


What size of wrist weights are ideal to use?

It is advisable to use a set that has adjustable weights. This allows you to tailor the weights to your needs. As such, you only get to use the right size of weights depending on your endurance to workouts.

Are wrist weights worth the investment?

Yes. With the many positive reviews on how the wrist weights can help tone the shoulders, arms, and other muscles, many find them a worthy investment.

Should you walk with wrist weights?

If you strap the wrist weights on your wrists, then that is not an issue. You can enjoy walking with them more often as a way of boosting your workout. However, do not walk with them strapped onto your ankles. This can affect your strides and injure the ankles too.


Workouts can be as versatile as possible. Now that you know about the best wrist weights for small wrists, it is easy to spice up your workout sessions. What is crucial is that you always get the right one for your needs. No need to go hard during the first sessions and end up injuring yourself. Start small and add more weight as you build endurance.