DIY Barbell Rack – How to Store Barbell Easily

There are times that you might have too much gym gear but nowhere to store them. For many people, they might end up incorrectly storing their equipment which could lead to some damages or make them even more dangerous to other users in the gym.

Today, we will focus more on the barbell equipment. Once you are done with your workout, what follows is to correctly store the barbells.

There are many ways to store the barbells, but it can be surprising to see just how many people get it wrong.

In this guide, we will look at some of the ways you can consider when it comes to barbell storage and even come up with your own DIY barbell rack.

If you are quite handy with tools, it should not be hard to set up a DIY barbell rack for storing your workout equipment.

Should It Matter How You Store the Barbells?

Barbells are strong pieces of metal rods you can use for working out. However, if you do not take good care of them, then you can expect that they would not last as long.

When stored in the wrong conditions, barbells can easily start to corrode, bend, or even further damage the bearings thus making them unusable. We all know how expensive the gym equipment can be, so it is best to take good care of them always.

Even if you are careful, sometimes you can make mistakes unknowingly. Below are some important considerations to keep in mind when it comes to barbell storage.

  • The atmosphere

The atmosphere of where you get to store the barbells plays an important role in how fast the bar can deteriorate. The biggest factor in this case will be humidity.

When there is too much humidity, then the barbells will rust faster too. Yes, barbells are made of steel, which can rust fast when exposed to high humidity.

The barbell finish can also determine how fast it would corrode. If you are using bare steel bars, then expect them to rust fast even in dry situations.

Luckily, now manufacturers are using better finishes such as Zinc or related oxide to protect these bars against corrosion. Nevertheless, such coating can also wear off with time exposing the steel material to the elements.

It seems like chrome coating is the best option. This is because it lasts for a very long time you will not have to worry about corrosion.

If budget is not an issue, then go for stainless steel barbell. It will not have a coating and the steel will not corrode.

Since you cannot always control the humidity of your gym, having an A/C or other type of climate control can help with improving the overall atmosphere of the gym. It is not just about the barbells, but also other equipment in the gym.

  • Cleanliness

This might be something a lot of people assume, but cleaning your barbell before storing is important.

We all sweat a lot when working out at a gym. For this reason, the sweat can be a damaging factor to your barbell. If not wiped, the sweat can easily wear off the coatings and lead to more corrosion. That is not what you want for your barbell.

So, after a nice workout, simply wipe down the barbell to remove sweat and other liquids from it. You can also use a bit of mild soap to get rid of any skin particles and other grime that a simple wipe down would not handle.

The skin particles can get deep into the knurling. The result is that bacteria can find it being a nice place to multiply and lead to health issues. It is why we recommend that you always keep the bars clean.

  • Storage location

Barbells like any other bars would have limitations too. Whenever something heavy drops on them, then they can bend or get totally damaged. It is why you always have to consider where you store the barbell bars in the gym.

As much as the chances that you end up dropping something heavy on the barbell bars are slim, that small chance always leads to the worst damage.

It is why we recommend that you store the bars out of the way when working out with other weights.

Only pick up the barbells when it is time to use them or else, have them stored properly where they cannot be easily damaged.

  • Vertical or horizontal storage

You are likely to come across the option of either storing the barbell bars horizontally or vertically.

The vertical storage is probably the most common where you get to mount racks on the wall so that you can store the barbells. Depending on the racks that you choose, some can be expensive too just as the barbells themselves.

There is also the horizontal storage that can be a nice idea for those with more storage space in their gyms. Just make sure you get the right hardware for horizontal storage.

We will look at these two in detail below when we start exploring the storage barbell solutions in the market right now. This is to help you get as many options as possible to correctly store the bars.

Common Solutions for Storing Barbells

Using a Power Rack

Well, it should be one of the easiest ways of storing barbells. You simply have to store them on a power rack in the gym.

Once you are done with the workout, wipe the barbell and store it on the rack.

Sometimes it can be hard to store the barbells on the power rack for some reasons. Such include;

  • You are still using the power rack to do other workouts. The same can apply to the barbell bar.
  • You have a foldable power rack that still needs setting up correctly before storage of the bars
  • The bar is too short to set it up on the power rack
  • You have more than one bar in the gym and not enough space on the power rack

If none of the reasons mentioned above apply to you, then you should not have a problem storing your barbell bars.

Well, if you encounter these issues, then the other methods mentioned below should come in handy.

DIY Horizontal Wall Mounted Rack

At this point, we recommend that you get yourself a DIY barbel rack. This will involve mounting one on your wall for the best storage of the bars.

For many gym owners, they are likely to have three barbells. So, you can mount two rack brackets on the wall and just like that you have enough room to store up to 6 bars horizontally.

If you have short bars, then it is advisable to mount the two brackets close to each other so that the bars can fit perfectly.

The best part about DIY horizontal wall mounted racks is that you can set them up as high as you want. Keeping the bars high can be safe even for the other users who are in the gym. Well, do not put them so high that it becomes hard for you to reach them.

Luckily, there are hundreds of options available when it comes to such mounting brackets. Check out Amazon and other related stores to see what is available.

Vertical Floor Bar Holder

If setting up a horizontal wall mount rack is not an option, then consider a vertical floor bar holder.

Such a bar holder will have a heavy base with short metal tubes to allow for fitting of the barbell. The good thing about such bar holders is that they do not need mounting. You simply place them where you want to store the bars and that is it.

You can find different types and designs depending on the number of barbells you need to store. There are some that can allow you to store the bars into place so that they are even safer when in a public gym.

Wall Mount Hanger

Another great option would be a wall mount hanger which can also be a DIY project for you to consider.

For a wall mount hanger, it allows for you to store the barbell by its collar. It comes with a simple installation process and you can use it for bar storage in a few minutes.

There are different designs available so choose the right one. There are some that can hold one bar while others would hold several bars.

For someone with a home gym, getting a model that can hold four bars should be enough. This is because not many people would have a collection of bars for home use.

What Should You Consider?

So, at this point you know what your options are, what should you consider when picking a barbell storage solution?

It does not have to be hard. We recommend that you consider the following;

  • Get a method that will fit all the barbels that you have in the gym
  • The solution should be stable and sturdy
  • Make sure that whatever method you choose, it does not end up damaging the barbells

If you can keep in mind the various methods mentioned above, then you should not have a problem storing your barbells. In the end, barbells are simple equipment. With the right care, they can serve you for a long time to come.