DIY Kettlebell – 5 Best Options are Here!

In order to achieve a great looking body and be fit, you must have to take the proper fitness training. Aside from that, you must also have accessible gym equipment, like the kettlebells, in case you can’t go to the gym. But, what if you do not have available equipment at home? Well, worry no more, we have here DIY Kettlebell alternatives for you to choose. Check them out below!  

What is the Difference between Kettlebells and Dumbbells?

Kettlebells and dumbbells are two gym buddies with different unique features. But, many are just wondering the difference between the two and which one is better? Basically, dumbbells are good enough and they can provide the benefits the one must need. On the other hand, kettlebells incorporate additional dimensions to the workout regimen.

To know more about the difference between the two, let us take a sneak peek about their features and perks: 

  • Able to separate particular groups of muscle
  • Can increase the strength
  • Suitable for beginners as they can learn to workout  using the free weights
  • Have versatile handle which can be used for various exercises
  • The design is unique and off-centered which gives challenging exercise routines to the entire body
  • With movement selection allowing to have either a slow or quick workout
  • Have a broad range of motion for training
  • With improved grip strength

Below are some of the reasons why it is advantageous to use kettlebells during training:

  1. Ability to do the workout at the comfort of your home and save more time for gym travel
  2. The size is small enough for ease of storage and portability
  3. Can able to simultaneously train strength, power, and endurance
  4. Relatively cheaper and does not need a maintenance cost
  5. Time-efficient
  6. Each required exercise targets the core muscles
  7. Reduce fats and calories
  8. Exercises using kettlebells elevate flexibility as well as making the joints stronger
  9. Offers a cardio workout that is very safe and convenient on the joints
  10. Enhances the focus of the mind and body coordination

Giving all these perks, you may know to understand why kettlebells make an amazing fitness tool that can offer so much.

DIY Kettlebell – Your Alternative Gym Tool at Home

Nowadays, many people already incorporate kettlebells into their workout regimens. Moreover, adding it as their gym buddy allows more and more gym-goers to notice the benefits of kettlebell training. It is actually an excellent way to incorporate into your extra workout even on a few minutes or within the entire day.

Since kettlebells are so convenient to grip because of its small and portable size, you can also do a personal and private workout at home. However, in case you are on a tight budget, despite its being cheap, having kettlebells at home is not a problem. Here are some DIY kettlebell alternatives that you can do at home. 

DIY Kettlebell Procedures:

♦ Kettlebell Milk Jug

The DIY Kettlebell milk jug is actually really easy to make and it usually needs around 2 minutes to see the finished product. Basically, this kettlebell is applicable for beginners due to its lighter weight. Moreover, this DIY Kettlebell is also a great alternative in case you are going on a trip and you do not have any access to the gym.

  1. Initially, prepare all of the following materials:
  • Milk jug
  • Sand or water
  • Adhesive tape or glue
  1. After gathering all the needed materials, start filling the empty milk jug with either sand or water.
  2. Moreover, seal the jug lid using an adhesive tape or glue. Just make sure that the jug fillings won’t leak out, especially if it is water.

Then, you’ll have it! You now have a DIY Kettlebell made out of milk jug. Now, you can do a kettlebell training at home.


  • Preparation is very easy
  • Cheapest among the DIY Kettlebell
  • Suitable for beginners
  • In case you opt for a water filling, water movement will be really challenging the moment it sloshes over.
  • You have the option of doing two sets of DIY Kettlebell using both the water and sand fillings.


  • The weight might be light
  • Kettlebell exercises will only be restricted to a one-handed option
  • The handle which is basically made of plastic may cause pain over the hands in case rough edges are present on the milk jug.

♦ Kettlebell Kayak Dry Bag

This next DIY Kettlebell is from kayak dry bag which is also very easy to make. With just about 2 minutes, you can have a unique DIY Kettlebell suitable for travelling. Actually, because of the kayak dry bag that is light in weight, it makes this DIY Kettlebell very convenient for transportation.

However, the amount of water to be filled inside the bag varies on the size of the kayak dry bag. Up to a total of 60 to 70 pounds of water can be filled inside the bag. Moreover, it is highly recommended to choose a high-quality kayak dry bag for long term use. 

  1. Initially, purchase a kayak dry bag if you do have one.
  2. Once you received your kayak dry bag order, basically fill it with water.

And that’s it! Your DIY Kettlebell Kayak Dry Bag is now ready for a vigorous workout.


  • Very suitable for travelling
  • Amazingly simple to make
  • Weight variation is actually allowable
  • Becomes more challenging due to the water movement inside the bag


  • The handle can be easily worn out
  • Offers a limited number of exercises because of the handle structure
  • The cost is only around $20 and $30 based on the kayak bag
  • Exercise routine may vary on the bag size. A bigger bag may actually weigh more yet it may offer swinging difficulty.

♦ Kettlebell Dumbbell

The DIY Kettlebell Dumbbell is also an easy option of an alternative kettlebell. For just about a minute you can already a kettlebell at home. This basically looks like a fast alternative but using it needs extra caution. 

There is actually a rope at the end of this gym tool alternative that might lose easily. The other thing that should be taken more caution is the handle is limp that can generally cause an injury. But, this option is basically a better method to have a kettlebell swing.

  1. Initially, prepare all the following materials needed.
  • A rope around 3 feet
  • dumbbell
  1. Basically, get a piece of rope.
  2. Tie the rope on each end of the dumbbell’s handle.

As simple as that! You now have the DIY Kettlebell Dumbbell ready for use.


  • A simple way of preparation
  • You can select the handle thickness of the rope to serve as a handle
  • Provide instability when the rope has been loosened
  • Less expensive
  • Exercises offer are good for dumbbell


  • The handle is not predictable enough compared to fixed handle
  • Price may increase depending on the type of dumbbell
  • Only applicable for swinging activity

♦ Kettlebell T-Handle

Kettlebell T-Handle is also an easy DIY Kettlebell but the time of preparation is somehow long compared to the previous kettlebell alternatives. It actually takes around 10 minutes to make this DIY Kettlebell. However, the T-handle should be replaced every six months. 

  1. Initially, prepare all the following materials needed.
  • Pipe with nipple – measures ¾” in length and the nipple should be 8” long for those whose height is 5’5” or shorter; for taller ones, nipple length should be 12” long. 
  • Two pieces of handles – measure 4” long 
  • One “T” fitting handle
  • One piece of floor flange which measures ¾”
  • Weight plates
  • Spring clamp 
  1. Basically, to make the handle, secure the two pieces of pipes with 4” measurement on the side of the “T” fitting.
  2. Moreover, into the vertical end, secure the 8 to 12” pipe.
  3. Attach the weight plates on the long pipe.
  4. Finally, put the floor flange to completely finish the DIY Kettlebell.

Furthermore, in case you want to avoid extra movements of the plates, it is better to put the spring clamp on top of the weight plates. Yet, this step is actually optional.

*Important Notes:

  • Wear gloves if you would make this DIY Kettlebell. In case you do not wear any, you can use tape to cover the threading of the pipe.
  • Once you use this DIY Kettlebell, make sure not to swing it higher than the height of the shoulder.
  • Take extra cautions on the movement of the plates as it may be dangerous. Inspect the Kettlebell T-Handle on a regular basis to check for loose parts.


  • In case you already have weight plates, this DIY Kettlebell T-Handle would be very budget-friendly.
  • Weight adjustment is very easy through the addition or removal of weight plates


  • Only applicable for exercises that are for two-handed routines
  • A wider handle which makes it uncomfortable most likely to a shorter individual because handles may swing onto the legs
  • Unavailability of weight plates may require purchasing it which makes it an expensive DIY Kettlebell
  • May produce hand blisters if gloves are not used.

♦ Kettlebell Cement with Pipe Handle

Another DIY Kettlebell makes use of cement and pipe for handles. Yet, similar to the DIY Kettlebell T-Handle, it also requires 10 minutes for the preparation and drying time of the cement. Moreover, you should need to look for the working area as well prior to preparing the cement.

The shape of the DIY Kettlebell base must also be taken into consideration. Aside from that, you also need to set the deepness of the handle.

  1. Initially, prepare all the following materials needed.
  • Soccer Ball
  • Cement
  • 3 pieces of pipe measuring 4-6”
  • 4 pieces of elbows measuring ¾” to serve as a handle
  • Spray Paint
  1. Basically, through the use of the 4-6” pipe and elbow pipes, prepare a square handle with 3 sides. It is actually the two base bottoms to have a stronger bond over the cement.
  2. Moreover, open the ball through cutting with a slit measurement of 1/6”. The slit must have small holes on the sides which are sufficient for fitting in the pipe handle elbows.
  3. Mix the cement generally and fill the soccer ball with the mixed cement about ¾ full.
  4. Put the pipe handle and afterwards fill up cement on top of it. In addition, flatten the top cement if you want.
  5. Let the cement to dry.
  6. Finally, spray paint the DIY Kettlebell Cement with Pipe Handle. However, this step of spray painting is actually optional.


  • Exercises routine may come for one-handed and two-handed methods
  • The handle can mimic the real kettlebell


  • The DIY Kettlebell has a fixed weight which is based on the ball size.
  • Handle elbows may irritate the hands
  • Hard to prepare the cement.

Other DIY Kettlebell Alternatives:

Here are some homemade hacks that can actually imitate the kettlebell in just a glance. Learn how simple cans or even teapots can make you sweat inside your home. Check this additional and simple DIY Kettlebell options:


Basically, large loaded laundry detergents that have containers with thick handles are easy options for DIY Kettlebell. Using these DIY Kettlebell detergent jugs, you can do one-armed exercises through kettlebell training. Other possible workout routines include the one-armed swings, push press, snatches, one-leg deadlifts, lunges, and clean & press.


In case you opted for backpacks to be a DIY Kettlebell, keep in mind that it must be weighted. To add more extra weights, try to put bottled waters, textbooks, small bricks, or canned goods inside the bag. Moreover, in order to maintain the household products from moving inside the bag, cushion it with either a towel or a t-shirt.  


Most of the gardening tools and outdoor home items mimic the weight of the kettlebell. Examples of these are the cement, stucco, or ceramic planter pots or tea kettles. These are basically ideal for making squats or Russian twists.

Final Thoughts

Nowadays, kettlebells are the most common gym and fitness buddy. Despite being cheap, some fitness enthusiasts preferred to have kettlebells at home. Fortunately, DIY Kettlebells are budget-friendly alternatives to the real kettlebells which can be pretty much accessible.

Actually, there are lots of available options that you can select when you opt to make your own kettlebell. The DIY Kettlebells we have here are all easy to make and cheaper as well. Aside from that, it can also make your workout routines convenient, private, and comfortable inside your home.