Best Essential Cable Attachments and Handles for your Home or Any Gym

The best cable attachments and handles allow you to maximize your workout equipment’s full potential. If you have a cable machine, these attachments will let you perform more routines. If you’re setting up a home gym, it’s important to get a few of these attachments for well-rounded workouts. Below, I listed seven of my trusted attachment sets that you can purchase for your equipment. 

Take note that there are different types of cable attachments, which I also discussed below.

Yes4All Deluxe Cable Attachments & Handles

If you’re looking for durable cable attachments and handles, you should check the Yes4All Deluxe Set. This is composed of a tricep rope, straight bar, and V bar. This is compatible with most lat and cable machines in the market.

The tricep rope on this set is a 27” nylon-braided rope with chrome-plated attachment. It’s universal and can be used on most gym systems. There are also large rubber blocks on each end so you can grab them without slipping.

Meanwhile, the straight bar is 18” long and 1” in diameter. This is designed to fit all cable machines for unrestricted movement. I also like its knurled handles that provide a secure grip.

Moreover, the V-shaped bar is 6.5” wide, 1” in diameter, and each leg is 7” long. It has flat knobs on each end so you won’t slip during your workouts. Based on my experience, this is unbeatable when it comes to lateral exercises.

Lastly, you’ll get a double row handle made of quality steel. It has a chrome finish with knurled handles with rubber. Overall, this can support up to 880 lbs. so you can work out with confidence.

This is a premium set that’s worth every cent. If you want attachments that will last for years, this is an excellent option.


  •       Universally compatible attachments
  •       Durable set
  •       The double row handle can support up to 880 lbs.


  •       The screw that holds the end of the ropes tend to rust

FITNESS MANIAC Lat Machine Accessories

Another set I recommend is the one from Fitness Maniac. This is composed of a pull-down bar, tricep ropes, and rowing handles.

The tricep ropes are made of high-grade material that won’t snap easily. It also has a chrome attachment and two rubber stoppers on each end.

Aside from that, the pull-down bar is also made of top-quality steel with knurled rubber handles. The rowing handles are made of steel with separate cylindrical handles. It has a knurled texture, but it makes a clinking noise during use, which isn’t a big deal for me.

If you’re looking for different attachment combos, Fitness Maniac offers various sets. For example, you can get their straight and V-bar set or their straight bar and rowing handles with rubber grips. You can easily find the attachments you need for your routines.

They also have same-day shipping during weekdays. This way, you’ll receive your cable attachments faster. Take note that they use USPS and FedEx for shipping, so you can easily track where your package is.

I’ve used the Set 17 in my home gym and it’s pretty easy to install. A few months in and it’s not showing any signs of damage.


  •       Available in different set combos
  •       Same-day shipping
  •       Made of high-grade material


  •       The rowing handles make a clinking noise during use

A2ZCARE Combo Cable Attachments & Handles

The A2ZCARE Cable Attachments Combo is composed of a V handle, a tricep rope, a V-bar, and a rotating straight bar. All of these are made of high-quality steel with a chrome finish as well as high-grade rope material.

The V-bar, for starters, has a double handle with flat knobs on each end. The grip is also knurled to prevent slippage and there’s also a 0.56” attachment hole. Unlike the other V bars I’ve tried before, this one has a wider angle, which positions the arms in an optimal spot.

Aside from that, this comes with a rotating straight bar. It’s 18” long and 1” in diameter with a 360-degree swivel. This also has knurled grips, although it doesn’t come with rubber padding. Despite that, this bar can support up to 880 lbs. of force.

Next, you can utilize the tricep rope in this set. It’s made of black and heavy-duty nylon with rubber stoppers on each end.

Lastly, there’s a double V handle made of solid steel with knurled grips. The handle is 7.5” wide, which is more than enough to fit most hand sizes.

For this price range, I can really say that this set is already a steal. It also comes with a 30-day free return and a one-year limited warranty. You can also get the set without the straight bar if you don’t need one.


  •       Made of top-quality steel
  •       30-day free return + one-year warranty
  •       Affordable set


  •       The straight bar squeaks a little bit when rotating

POWER GUIDANCE Cable Machine Accessories

If you want to start small with the attachments, you can get the combo from POWER GUIDANCE. This is composed of a double handle, a straight bar, and two clips. It can be used for rowing, pull-ups, and other routines to tone your body.

 The double handle is made of solid steel with a chrome finish. It comes with a rubber grip handle, knurled for added traction. There’s also a 0.6” hole that suits all cable machines. The knuckle part rotates at 360 degrees to reduce the strain on your palms.

Meanwhile, the straight bar is 18” long with a swivel shackle for fluid and steady motion. It’s also chrome-plated and fitted with knurled rubber grips. This has a 0.65” hole that matches all cable machines in the market.

Lastly, you’ll get two snap hooks made of 304 stainless steel. It’s spring-loaded and can be used to connect any accessories to your cable machine.

Also, I like that I can use these attachments on resistance bands. Just make sure that you use heavier bands since the handles are quite cumbersome.

Overall, these gym-quality attachments are made of solid steel. It’s not one of those hollow junks, which is quite surprising for its price. One of my friends told me that it’s ‘Gold’s Gym’ quality since it seems like it’s going to last forever.


  •       Made to last
  •       Affordable attachment set
  •       Comfortable, textured grips


  •       Heavier than most attachments, but you can use it to your advantage

Powerfly Cable Machine Attachments for Gym

The Powerfly Cable Machine Attachments include a double handle, tricep rope, and two exercise handles. It’s an excellent starter set if you’re still building your home gym equipment.

The double handle is made of solid stainless steel with knurled handles. The grips also rotate in 360 degrees for a fluid motion.

Aside from that, this is bundled with a 27” tricep rope. It’s made of durable nylon with solid rubber ends to prevent your hands from slipping. In the middle, there’s a chromed revolving attachment compatible with most cable machines.

To complete the ensemble, you’ll receive two exercise handles. These are foam-padded, rotating for a comfortable grip. It’s made of durable nylon with 2” steel rings so you can attach it to both regular and thick bars.

I’ve used a few Powerfly equipment before and I’m quite happy with its quality. It’s a cheaper alternative to expensive options in the market. So if you’re stretching your budget for your home gym, consider getting this attachment combo instead. 

Just note that there are no carabiners included in this package. Anyway, those are cheap and easy to come by so it’s not really a problem for me.


  •       Low-cost option
  •       Excellent grip for the handles
  •       Compatible with most cable machines


  •       No carabiners included, but not a big deal

Fitness Invention Cable Attachments

If you’re on a budget and looking for commercial quality cable attachments, you’ll never go wrong with the Fitness Invention. This set is composed of a double handle, two exercise handles, and three clips.

The double handle is made of stainless steel with comfortable rubber grips. It’s also knurled for added traction so your hands won’t slip even if you’re sweaty.

Meanwhile, the exercise handles are made of durable nylon with foam handles. The handles are rotating to reduce the strain on your wrist while pulling the cables. Overall, each of these handles can endure up to 400 lbs. of weight.

For me, the snap hooks are just bonuses if you want to attach other accessories to your cable machine. It comes in two sizes, which is still a good catch.

The best thing about this combo is its lifetime warranty. It’s a testament to the quality of Fitness Invention’s products despite their low price.

I’ve used this on my home gym and all the handles are holding up well. I also want to highlight how durable the nylon handles are since it doesn’t warp or tear even if I’m pulling heavy bands.


  •       Made of durable materials
  •       Lifetime warranty
  •       Comfortable grip


  •       Only contains two handle attachments, but you get what you pay for

KMM Tricep Rope Cable Attachments

My last pick for this roundup is the KMM Tricep Rope Cable Attachments. This is quite a large set for its price, consisting of a tricep rope, two gym handles, three clips, ankle straps, and a storage bag.

To start, the trice rope is long at 35” and is made of durable nylon. There are plastic stoppers on each end and a mounting hole to connect it to your cable machine.

Meanwhile, the gym handles are also made of nylon with foam handles. There are D rings on each one so you can connect it to your cable machine with ease.

Lastly, this combo comes with two ankle straps and three snap hooks so you can exercise both your upper and lower body. You’ll also receive a storage bag where you can stash all these attachments when not in use.

I’m happy with how these attachments perform in my home gym. It’s very affordable and I’m surprised that nothing squeaks or sounds like ripping. The end caps of the tricep rope is very sturdy, too, even if you’re pulling heavy bands or weights. Overall, it’s way better than my expectations.

If you’re not ready to splurge on expensive and well-known brands, this set from KMM is more than decent.


  •       The tricep rope is long
  •       Very budget-friendly
  •       Bundled with a storage bag


  •       The tricep rope endcaps are made of plastic, not rubber

Types of cable attachments to choose from

There are many types of cable attachments you can use for a variety of purposes. This is the reason why cable machines are very versatile. You only need to find the accessories that match the routine you want to do.

The following are some of the most common and widely used attachments:

Tricep rope

A tricep rope is made of black nylon with two rubber or plastic stoppers on each end. In the middle, there’s mounting hardware you can connect to your cable machine. It can be anywhere from 20 to 34 inches long.

Moreover, tricep ropes are used for face pulls, rope curls, press downs, and overhead extensions. It tones the upper body, especially your tricep muscles.

Straight bar

The straight bar is often 17” to 20” long. It’s made of chrome steel with knurled grips, sometimes fitted with rubber padding. Like the tricep rope, it has a mounting hole in the middle.

Straight bars are used for horizontal curls, bar press downs, shrugs, upright rows, and other routines. Most of the time, the bar swivels at 360 degrees from the mounting hardware for a fluid motion. 


The V-bar is like the tricep rope but made of solid steel. It has two angled handles with a connector in the middle. Each end also has a flat knob to prevent your hands from slipping.

V-bars are used for face pulls, overhead presses, and press downs. It also works as a bar for supine cable rows or as a cable curling bar. It’s a very versatile attachment that lasts pretty long.

Double handle

Double handles are 3D V-shaped bars. It has two handles angled at 45 degrees and joined on top. It creates a triangular shape, which is useful for standing rows, face-pulls, lat pulldowns, and more.

This is made of solid steel with knurled grips, with some fitted with rubber padding.

Stirrup handle

The stirrup handle is like a cable version of a dumbbell. It can be attached to a weighted cable so you can pull or lift as if using dumbbells. This usually comes in pairs with a rotating metal grip. However, stirrup handles tend to clink since everything is made of metal.

Lat pulldown attachment

The lat pulldown attachment is often purchased as a separate accessory. It’s like a straight bar but longer and the ends are angled for a natural grip.

This is used for wide-grip curls, upright rows, press downs, and seated rows. So far, this is the widest cable attachment available in the market. 

Gym handles

Lastly, gym handles are made of nylon with foam-padded grips. It’s a basic handle that you can connect to your bands. This is often cheap and bundled with other accessories.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to get all the cable attachments for my home gym?

A: Not necessarily, but if you have the budget and your routines beg for it, then why not? Cable attachments and handles make your cable machine more versatile. It allows you to perform more exercises without the need to purchase bulky and expensive equipment.

Q: What muscles do tricep ropes use?

A: Tricep ropes boost your shoulders, triceps, abs, biceps, and back. It’s one of the most versatile cable attachments that will target multiple muscle groups in your upper body. Unlike pulling a band, tricep ropes are textured and have stoppers on each end to prevent your hands from slipping.

Q: What muscles does the V-bar pulldown work?

A: V-bar pulldowns work the latissimus dorsi muscles, also known as lats. To a lesser degree, it also exercises the biceps, shoulders, and middle back. This is an excellent exercise to strengthen your upper body and boost your core.

Q: Which is better, free weights or cable?

A: Cable machines offer a more convenient option for strength training. Although it has weights, it uses less space, weight, and equipment than relying on free weights alone. With the right attachments, you can maximize your cable machine. Still, both free weights and cable machines are excellent equipment that you can use in synergy.

Final words

The best cable attachments and handles will level up your cable machine. It lets you perform more routines without purchasing expensive equipment. With a wide range of options, you can easily target multiple muscle groups on your body. The best part is that these attachments are affordable!

What do you think of these attachments and handles? Which one are you using? Share your experience below!

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