How Much Does an Elliptical Weigh?

An elliptical machine is a staple of every home gym. However, many home buffs are concerned about the weight of the machine, especially if their home gym is located on an elevated floor.

So how much does an elliptical weigh?

Most elliptical machines weigh around 100 to 150 pounds. It’s a cumbersome piece of equipment, but one that will help you lose weight and build mass.

Some ellipticals can be smaller, especially if it’s for home use. Regardless of your choice, it’s important to know the specifications of the equipment. This way, you’ll know more about the support requirements, assembly, and moving of the item.

Why the weight is an important consideration

how much does an elliptical weigh

Elliptical machines aren’t the lightest gym equipment and for a good reason. It has to be sturdy to withstand intense workout routines. And since it doesn’t come cheap, elliptical machines have to be solid, thus the added weight.

Aside from that, elliptical machines are made heavy so it will not wobble while in use. Commercial elliptical machines found on gyms are heavier and bigger. It’s also more expensive than other options.

A heavy elliptical machine has its downsides and upsides. It’s more difficult to assemble and move inside your home. Many home gym owners will even avail of white-glove services to put the equipment in place. Nevertheless, the additional features will help you diversify your workout drills.

Types of elliptical machines and its weight

Compact elliptical machines

Compact elliptical machines are made smaller and lighter. It’s the usual option for home gyms due to its dimensions and cheaper price.

This type of elliptical uses a small flywheel as well as a crank that somehow resembles the one you’ll find on a bicycle. It has a simple construction that works for general workouts.

Aside from that, a compact elliptical machine can be placed under a desk. Since it’s small, it has minimal features and ideal only for mild workouts. Aside from that, compact ellipticals don’t have hand grips which can be an issue for some users.

These are lightweight options that you can find in less than 100 pounds or even within the 20 to 40-pound margin. Overall, a compact elliptical machine is a great addition to your home gym if you’re not looking for a lot of features.

Standard elliptical machines

On the other hand, there are standard elliptical machines that have most features of those you will find in commercial gyms. It also comes with a computer that allows you to save your workout statistics.  Aside from that, it comes with controls for speed, distance, resistance, and built-in programs.

The only downside with standard ellipticals is it’s very heavy. It’s also more expensive and will consume a lot of space in your home.

Nevertheless, the upside to standard elliptical machines is it has more flexibility. Most models will have built-in programs, which makes the machine an all-around workout option.

Take note that standard ellipticals can weigh more than 100 pounds. It’s a heavy option, but if you really want a piece of equipment for your serious workout, this is an unbeatable choice.

Elliptical cross trainers

Elliptical cross trainers allow you to work out in multiple positions. It lets you run, wall, climb, and perform other drills in just one equipment. Some cross trainers have moving handles so you can also exercise your upper body.

However, since it comes with extra features, it would likely be as heavy as standard ellipticals. Some are even heavier, which may not be a suitable option for those with a small home or elevated home gyms.

Elliptical gliders

Lastly, there are elliptical gliders. It doesn’t have a flywheel so the pedals of this equipment work in a swinging motion. This is paired with moving handles for a full-body workout.

Usually, elliptical gliders are compact and lightweight. Still, it depends on the specific model you’re going to buy.

Benefits of an elliptical machine

Regardless of how heavy the elliptical machine is, it always brings a ton of benefits for your home gym. The following are some of the perks of using an elliptical machine on your home gym:

It’s a powerhouse fat burner

An elliptical machine is a powerhouse cardio equipment. It can help you burn as much as 400 calories in just 30 minutes of heavy workout. And since it engages both the upper and lower body, an elliptical machine will help you lose weight efficiently.

Boosts your stamina

Aerobic exercises keep your heart health in check while preventing muscle deterioration. If you can’t go for a run, your elliptical machine becomes a handy option.

It’s low-impact

Elliptical machines don’t put extreme stress on your joints. As a low impact exercise machine, it will let you burn fat without your joints taking the beating. This is why an elliptical machine is a great choice for those who just recovered from an injury.

Reduces the risk of injury

Since elliptical machines are low-impact workout equipment, it helps prevent injuries during your workout. It’s a safer choice, especially for those with a lingering condition.

Versatile workout machine

An elliptical machine can mimic climbing, running, and training exercises. So in one machine, you’ll get to perform an entire workout drill. It’s an ideal option for those with small home gyms and can’t afford multiple pieces of equipment.

In this video, Chirs Freytag from Life Fitness tells us more about the benefits and uses of an elliptical cross trainer:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do elliptical machines help in losing belly fat?

A: Yes, an elliptical machine can help you lose belly fat if paired with a healthy diet and lifestyle. It engages your core muscles to speed up fat loss in your belly area, legs, and arms.

Q: Can I use an elliptical machine daily?

A: Generally, working out every day isn’t healthy. You must take a day or two off your home gym to let your body recuperate from the stress it experienced during workout days. This way, your muscles can heal and grow bigger. Take note that working out every day, with or without an elliptical, will expose you to a higher risk of injuries.

Q: Will an elliptical machine help tone my buttocks?

A: An elliptical trainer engages your lower body, which includes your buttocks, thighs, and legs. Make sure that you perform drills that use your glutes and legs to help tone your buttocks area.

Q: Will an elliptical machine make my thighs bigger?

A: No, an elliptical machine will not make your thighs bigger. It’s actually an effective machine to slim down your legs and thighs. An elliptical machine will also help tone your muscles with the proper workout.

Q: Which is better to use, an elliptical or a treadmill?

A: A treadmill resembles the natural way of running outside. It’s a great cardio machine, but not as low impact as an elliptical. If you have joint problems, you may thrive better with the use of an elliptical machine instead of a treadmill.

Final words 

How much does an elliptical weigh? It all depends on the type you’re going to buy. The more features the elliptical has, the heavier and more expensive it gets. Nevertheless, the added weight also means you’re getting more flexibility. It’s just a matter of getting the right balance between the specifications of the machine and its physical weight.

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