How to Hang Upside Down without an Inversion Table?

More and more people are starting to rave about inversion therapy. This is a kind of therapy that utilizes inversion to reap benefits for the body.

The person will indeed be hanging upside down where the head is lower than the heart. It’s proven to have therapeutic effects, but at the same time is not for everyone.

Now, there are many ways to do this in which the most popular is by using an inversion table. However, if you don’t have this table, you may feel disappointed that you can’t try this.

But there’s no need to fret since there are many alternatives! Here’s how to hang upside down without an inversion table.

How to Hang Upside Down without an Inversion Table?

Finally, here are the alternatives on how to hang upside down without an inversion table:

1. Gravity Boots

The first alternative on how to hang upside down without an inversion table is by using gravity boots. These boots will be worn with traps. Take note that these will be used in combination with an inversion rack that’s usually mounted to a door frame.

The Yoli Anti Gravity Inversion Hang Up Shoes is the best buy for gravity boots! It’s of top-notch quality and will really do well with an inversion rack.


✔️ Thick

✔️ Features contoured support pads for comfort ​

✔️ One size fit for most people

✔️ Helps spread apart compressed discs and stretches back, neck, and shoulder muscles


❌ Has reduced product selection available for delivery to some regions because of product demand

2. Exercise Ball

With an exercise ball, you may not be able to completely invert your whole body. On the other hand, you’ll be able to still relieve yourself from back pains. In addition to this, you’ll improve your core stability too.

This TheraBand Exercise Ball is the best buy for exercise ball! Aside from strengthening muscles, it also improves one’s posture, balance, and core stability. Moreover, this exercise ball also helps in preventing back and spine pain too.

At the same time, this product is highly recommended by physical therapists since it’s of top-notch quality!

So if you’re going to buy this one, you’re assured that you’re going to be completely safe.

Furthermore, this is obviously a really bouncy and funny way to do inversion that’ll surely put a smile in your lips. Take note also that you can choose from a range of five sizes!


✔️ Ideal for strengthening and toning abdomen, back, chest, arms, thighs, legs, and buttocks ✔️ Maximize stretching and increase flexibility

✔️ Inflates with hand or foot pump

✔️ Made of durable, recyclable plastic

✔️ Available in five sizes

✔️ Easy to clean (comes deflated with two plugs, one inflation adaptor, and a 24 exercise guide poster)


❌ Power Pump for easy inflating is sold separately

3. Inversion Chair

Another one of the alternatives on how to hang upside down without an inversion table is by using an inversion chair. Just like with an exercise ball, you won’t be able to full invert your body with an inversion chair.

You can invert to about 70 degrees only. On the other hand, you’ll already reap many benefits such as alleviation of hips, ankles, and knee pains.

4. Yoga Trapeze

If you love yoga, then you’ll love doing inversion therapy by using a yoga trapeze.

With this, you can do a variety of inversions too! Moreover, your core strength and stability will really be improved here.

This WELLSEM Aerial Yoga Hammock is the best buy for yoga trapeze! First, this product is made from 100% nylon 40-Denier Tricot with stretch.

Moreover, the fabric has a low stretch on Vertical direction (Length) and high Stretch on Horizontal direction (Width). Take note that the low stretch design is good for pose training.

Additionally, this product kit contains the following as well:

  • 5.5 yards 40-Denier Nylon Tricot Elastic aerial hammock
  • 2 pieces of 23KN strong Carabiners
  • 2 pieces of 10ft 23KN Reinforced Nylon Daisy Chains
  • Step-by-step knot tying guide and instructions for assembling your silks and hardware
  • Carry bag

By using this product, you’re actually hitting two birds with one stone: you’ll be able to do your regular yoga and at the same time enjoy the therapeutic benefits of inversion therapy!

Just think about the amounts of relaxation that you’ll be able to give to yourself!


✔️ Made from Certified Quality Material and Hardware

✔️ Has a professional design that’s comfortable for the body and skin

✔️ Applicable for both professional and beginners

✔️ Can be fully cocooned or laying fully

✔️ Features a Double Point Hang which is more safe and comfortable


❌ Not a fireproof fabric

❌ Double Point Hang feature isn’t pre-knotted

5. Headstand Stool

Another one of the alternatives on how to hang upside down without an inversion table is by using a headstand stool.

A headstand stool will not take up too much space that’s why this is another convenient tool for you. Indeed, it’s just like another piece of furniture in the house.

Moreover, this item actually sounds scary, especially if you’re not used to doing headstands or you’re not a fan of it.

However, there’s truly no need for you to worry. Don’t fret because by using this, you won’t put a lot of pressure on your head and neck. It’s because this stool can be opened up, so that you can insert your head onto it.

After that, you’ll perform an inversion and the pressure will be put on the sides of the stool where you will grab onto.

This DaJun Household Yoga Headstand Bench is the best buy for headstand stool. First, this is ergonomically designed and innovative as compared to traditional headstand stools.

This product makes standing upside down and supporting the weight through the shoulders much easier.

Moreover, this has a superior pressure resistance with its high-density PU foam pad that makes you more comfortable when you are upside down.

At the same time, this is also appropriate for other yoga exercises such as waist exercises, leg exercises, hip exercises, and many other yoga poses!

Furthermore, this is a multipurpose stool. Meaning that you can even use it as a sofa if you’re done with your yoga!


✔️ Suitable for handstand, abdomen training, and meditation

✔️ Cushion lining is recycled cotton

✔️ Bearing capacity can reach to about 200kg


❌ Has reduced product selection available for delivery to some regions because of product demand

Benefits of Inversion Therapy

Before diving straight into the alternatives for hanging upside down, let’s talk a bit about the benefits of the inversion therapy. Just take note that the studies that prove such benefits are small scale.

Meaning that there’s no big proof yet that this therapy is 100 percent amazing for the body.

Inversion therapy is said to be a short-term relief from back pain, sciatica, and scoliosis. Indeed, it improves the condition of the spine.

If your back is already problematic, this therapy is said to help a lot that the need for surgery may be dismissed. At the same time, your flexibility will also be enhanced.

Furthermore, people are also liking this therapy for its therapeutic effects such as a sound mind and glowing skin!

Risks of Inversion Therapy

Since this isn’t completely proven and tested yet, this therapy has its risks. That’s why it’s important that before you try this, you have to talk to a professional first.

Seek the advice of your physician or doctor as well as a fitness coach/trainer.

At the same time, this is already a big no-no for people with high blood pressure, any heart condition, glaucoma, back or leg fracture, osteoporosis, and hernia.


Inversion therapy has a lot of benefits to one’s body. If your doctor or fitness trainer gave you a green light to try it, then you’re up for so much fun! You can do it, but not just through an inversion table. Just like what this blog says, there are many alternatives to do inversion therapy. You just need to be creative!


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