Peloton Workout Plan for Weight Loss

More and more people are indeed talking about Peloton. Additionally, the media or press attention to it has increased over the past years as well. Today, this blog post, we’re going to offer added Peloton insights that most sites don’t offer. At the same time, we’re going to share a Peloton workout plan for weight loss that many people have been looking for. Make sure to stay in tune until the end!

What is Peloton?

Peloton is an American company making gym equipment to be used at home. Their most famous product is their indoor bike. It’s been the face of their brand ever since. Moreover they have their own exercise application. At the same time, they create workout videos that can act as guide for their customers. Furthermore, these videos can be streamed through their products.

Peloton combines technology, content, and the best-in-class instructors in order to motivate people who are into fitness. They take pride on their diverse team of instructors who make fitness challenging as well as fun. Moreover, they often update their classes and their exercise app’s features. At the same time, Peloton makes sure that you’ll be able to see your progress. For this reason, they give in-depth metrics. Lastly, they have instructor-curated playlists that you’ll surely enjoy.

The Peloton Bike

A Review of the Peloton Bike: Pros and Cons | Best exercise bike ...

The Peloton Bike, once again, is the company’s most popular product. It has been featured by many leading media outlets across the world and with seemingly positive reviews. At the same time, it won’t get to this level of fame if the ones who bought it aren’t satisfied with its quality.

Furthermore, Peloton presents its bike products as “an immersive cardio experience that will keep you coming back for more.” It’s because of its live weekly classes consisting of real-time instructor shoutouts. There are indeed various classes that you can choose from to complement your mood at the moment. You can opt for 5 to 90 minutes classes, whichever you feel like partaking in. Your workouts can definitely be of different themes, difficulty levels, as well as music genres.

Now, let’s get going exactly to the bike’s specifics! Its size is 4’ by 2’ which makes it really able to fit anywhere! In addition to this, Peloton bike is very much adjustable. When working out, you’ll know that you’re supported because of the product’s adjustable seat, handlebar, and screen. Moreover, you can connect your Wi-Fi or Bluetooth-enabled device such as a heart rate monitor or smartwatch. Peloton bikes are also almost silent which is ideal for your environment. At the same time, their 22” HD touchscreen will make you feel like you’re face-to-face with your instructors. The screen is also sweat-proof, that’s why there’s no need to worry on your part.

Photo Credits: Peloton

The Peloton Tread

PELOTON TREAD - by Peloton Design / Core77 Design Awards

The Peloton Tread is another high-quality product of Peloton. These treadmills will “unlock the strength you have within.”

Peloton’s Tread package consists of live daily classes. Moreover, these classes can easily be streamed anytime and anywhere you are. At the same time, you don’t need to worry about getting bored of routines. It’s because these classes can range from running, strength, bootcamp, walking, and stretching. You can opt to switch from one to another if you want to spice things up at the moment. Take note also that these classes can run from about 5 to 60 minutes in duration.

Now, let’s get going exactly to the tread’s specifics! First, the package consists of a 32” HD touchscreen that certainly allows for a more interactive workout between you and your instructor. Additionally, it has a powerful 20 W built-in soundbar that will absolutely give you a more sensory experience. Furthermore, Peloton’s Tread has a low-impact and shock-absorbing slack belt that gives you an extra spring in your step. It also has adjustable knobs for you to be able to change your speed as well as incline without interrupting your pace.

Photo Credits: Core77 / Design Awards

The Peloton App

The Peloton’s App makes it easy for Peloton’s customers to access everything that the company has to offer.

There are actually two ways in order to get this app: as a bike or tread owner or as a Peloton Digital Member. First, as a bike or tread owner, you’ll automatically be granted with the app. Also take note that they offer a Peloton All-Access Membership. Through this, your entire family can enjoy Peloton’s products and other perks as well! However, as a Peloton Digital Member, you’ll have the app for an equipment or for just the purpose of having the app if that’s what you want. The membership costs $12.99 a month.

Peloton Workout Plan for Weight Loss

Since we already covered Peloton’s gym equipment, you already know that your workout plan will include biking and the tread. First, definitely seek the advice of your physician if such exercises are okay for you. At the same time, look for a fitness coach or trainer. Ask about the appropriate workout dynamic for you. Moreover, have a nutritionist as much as possible since you’re targeting weight loss. Indeed, weight loss isn’t just about exercising. It actually has more to do with what you eat. If having a nutritionist isn’t probable, seek the help of a doctor.

Now, you know already at this point that Peloton’s products come with classes. In these classes, you’ll have instructors telling you what to do. So you can rest assure that you have nothing to worry about in terms of the actual exercises themselves. What you need to focus upon is what class to actually take since they have a huge range of options. You can either opt for a 20, 30, 45, or a 6o minute class. With Peloton’s bike, classes are targeted on climbs, durations, strength zones, and low effect rides. You can also choose among Live DJ rides, themed rides, as well as rhythm rides.

Bike Marts shares an amazing Peloton workout plan for weight loss. It includes eating enough and appropriately first before the workout. They suggest doing so for about 30 minutes before the workout. Moreover, they say that the best foods for this are a small banana, a slice of toast with jam, or a handful of entire-grain cereal. At the same time, they suggest drinking lots of water before, during, and after the workout.

Furthermore, Bike Marts says that you should vary your tempo. You’ll burn calories faster if you alternate your tempo during the entire workout. So from that consistent, moderate pace, switch to a harder pedaling! Moreover, Bike Marts says that you can split exercises if that’s fit for you. Their example is that if you can’t do a straight 45 minute class, opt for 25- minute solo classes. They say that the calories you’ll burn will be the same in both. However, you can definitely exert more in the shorter sessions which will end up in a more likely result.

Bike Marts also suggests that you should transfer up the styles of bike rides you’re doing. At the same time, vary the depth too. Meaning that you should alternate among patience, energy, interval, as well as race-oriented rides. By doing so, you’re inducing your body to burn calories in a much faster pace.

Additionally, Bike Marts tells Peloton’s customers to eat a combination of carbohydrates and protein within an hour after the workout. This is for the purpose of topping your muscle glycogen stores and to get amino acids. Your muscles need these in order to repair and build. A low-fat chocolate milk or a small handful of walnuts with a pear are said to be okay for this.

Lastly, they say that never be sloth-like once you already done the work. Even if you’re truly exhausted, make sure that you’ll still move towards here and there from time to time. Bike Marts says that you should take advantage of the calorie burning consequences of your Peloton workout. You can absolutely do so just by moving minimally which will result to you losing more calories. Thus, you’re much closer to your weight loss goal.

Tips to Help Your Peloton Workout Plan for Weight Loss

Stronger U offers some advice on how to really get your desired weight loss results with Peloton. Here are some of them:

1. Always have the mindset that you’re not burning as many calories as you think

Stronger U emphasizes that calories burned are just estimates. In short, they’re not perfect science. They merely suggest that what you see in your Peloton’s metrics is just a generalization. Meaning that your ultimate goal shouldn’t really be weight loss in the first place. Instead, it must be overall health.

They’re saying that once you set your mind to reap the health and wellness benefits from working out using Peloton or any product in general, weight loss will most definitely be a by-product. It’s because you’re focusing on a goal that’s better for the long run. It’s certainly a goal that’s fulfilling a basic need. And since you know that your top goal is correct, you’ll be more motivated. Now, weight loss can really be so highly probable in this kind of mindset and drive.

2. Keep tabs on your eating habits

Stronger U says that if you’re very dedicated to your Peloton workout plan, but still isn’t getting your desired weight loss, stop for a moment. They suggest that you should think about your eating habits. It’s because exercise is absolutely just another component in the weight loss journey. The other one is your relationship with food.

Moreover, Stronger U states that there are actually two things that you must be mindful about: the quality of the food that you’re eating and the quantity or how much you’re actually eating. These two must always be checked. Each has to be right at the same time, not one is appropriate while the other one isn’t. Stronger U says that the said situation is actually frequently the source of the problem. Sometimes, you really are improving in the quality department. You started eating healthier options for you and cutting those that aren’t. However, you’re still eating too much which just beats the game.

3. Don’t use food as a reward for a good day’s workout

This one right here is a no-brainer. No matter how much you’re tempted to, don’t use food as rewards. Don’t ever get used to that because you’re basically just cheating yourself. Since you’re aiming for weight loss, don’t take in more calories just for the sake that you deserve a bit of treat here and there.

4. Know beforehand that any workout will make you hungrier

Stronger U says that expect already that working out will make you hungrier. It’s because you just used up a lot of your energy. When you already know that it’s happening and that it’s normal, then you won’t be that overwhelmed. Furthermore, if you’re not that overwhelmed, there’s a bigger chance that you won’t give in to it.

5. Don’t rely solely on your Peloton Workout Plan

This one is all about still being active apart from your workout routine. Stronger U says that if you move less the next day after of a workout, you’re missing the chance of burning calories through minimal ways. For example, just the act of walking here and there will already be good for your body. On the other hand, if you suddenly became sloth-like after being so active, then you’re defeating yourself big time.

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Wrapping Up

And that’s the Peloton Workout Plan for Weight Loss. Are you familiar with Peloton and its products? Have you already bought an equipment from them? If not, have you at least heard about them aside from this blog post? Tell us in the comments section down below. Always remember that whatever workout plan you’re following, be safe!

Featured photo courtesy of Peloton.