5 Best Spinlock Dumbbells 2022 – Buying Guide and Reviews

The best spinlock dumbbells are perfect for various weight training routines. Since you can easily adjust the weight, a pair can be changed from light to heavy ranges. Unlike hex and neoprene types, spinlocks have multiple plates and spinlock collars. You simply slide the plates into the bar and lock it in place. It’s very versatile and practical if you don’t want multiple free weights on your home gym.

However, not all spinlock dumbbells are made equal. The most common option that fitness buffs encounter is loose spinlock collars. This occurs when using very heavy plates and when the dumbbells aren’t made well.

To help you avoid this problem, I’ve reviewed five of the top options in the market. These spinlock dumbbells are durable and not like cheap options that use flimsy butterfly collars.

List of the Best Spinlock Dumbbells For Your Home Gym

1. Yes4All Adjustable Spinlock Dumbbells

When it comes to the best spinlock dumbbells, I highly recommend the Yes4All Adjustable Dumbbells. This is a set of two dumbbells with a total of 200 lbs., 100 lbs. for each one. It’s composed of two 16” x 1.15” handlebars to hold such an enormous weight.

You’ll receive sixteen 10 pounders, four 5 pounders, and 2.5 pounders for the plates. This is paired with four spinlock collars to keep the plates in place while in use.

Moreover, all of the plates are made of solid cast iron and fits all 1.15” bars. It’s painted black to prevent rusting and give it a neat look on your home gym.

I also like the diamond knurled handle of each bar, which provides a firm grip. Also, the spinlock collars are loose-resistant and equipped with rubber trims to keep them tight all the time.

You can also purchase Yes4All’s separate dumbbell connector that lets you join the two bars to transform it into a barbell. I’ve tried doing this, and I’m quite impressed with the stability despite the weight.

Aside from the 200 lbs. pair, you can also get this in 40 lbs. to 190 lbs. versions.


  • Made of solid cast iron
  • Spinlocks with rubber trims for added traction
  • Knurled handles for added grip


  • The bar isn’t standard, so it’s not easy to find additional plates

2. TELK Adjustable Spinlock Dumbbells

Another spinlock dumbbell set I recommend is the one from TELK. This weighs 105 lbs. combined, having 52.5 lbs. per bar. For this set, you will receive sixteen 5-pounders, four 2.5-pounders, and four 1.25-pounders. It also comes with four spinlock collars.

The plates are made of 100% cast iron with a baked enamel finish to resist corrosion. Also, the handles are made of chrome steel, which is 15.75” long. Meanwhile, the star-shaped collars have threaded ends that prevent them from slipping while in use.

If you wish to transform this into a barbell, you need to purchase the separate 10” connector. Also, you can get this dumbbell set in 45, 65, and 200 lbs. versions.

Overall, I like how durable these dumbbells are. I’ve been using this for months now, and I haven’t noticed any paint chipping even if I’ve bumped it many times. I can say that this is worth the purchase, especially for bodybuilders.

The only thing I can advise is that you keep this away from your precious carpets. The black finish stains, which is pretty common with these types of weights. But with regular wiping, this should wear off.


  • Baked enamel finish that doesn’t chip
  • Made of 100% cast iron
  • Threaded spinlock collars


  • Beware of the metal shavings before first use. I suggest that you clean the dumbbells first

3. Unipack Adjustable Spinlock Dumbbells

One Pair of Adjustable Dumbbells Kits-200lbs(2x100lbs)
  • High Quality Cast Iron, Chrome Handles
  • 100Lbs Set Including One Textured Solid Chrome Handle, Two Collars(5lbs), Eight 10 Lbs Plates,...
  • 200Lbs is Two of Above 100Lbs Sets;Easy to Set up and no Tools Required

The Unipack Adjustable Spinlock Dumbbells are powerhouse free weights for your home gym. It’s a 200 lbs. set, with 100 lbs. for each bar.

For this set, you will receive sixteen 10-pounders, four 5-pounders, and four 2.5-pounders. To complete the 200 lbs. weight, you will receive four 2.5-pounder spinlock collars.

The collars of this set have rubber trimming for added grip on the bar. Meanwhile, the bar has knurled handles to prevent slippage. For the maximum weight, I suggest using workout gloves to avoid chafing.

Overall, I like the compact size of these dumbbells. It does exactly what it says, and the black finish doesn’t chip easily. But like what I mentioned with previous sets, you should be careful with the staining on the first few days.

If you’re working out outdoors, don’t leave the plates in the open because it will rust when it gets wet. Take note that this is made of cast iron, not stainless steel.

The only downside I noticed on these dumbbells is the rubber trimming that keeps falling off the collars. I have to squeeze it back in whenever it happens.


  • Compact, perfect for small home gyms
  • Knurled handles for better grip
  • Solid and stable


  • The rubber trims on the collars fall off

4. KISS GOLD Wolfyok Dumbbell Set

If you want an aesthetic dumbbell set, I recommend that you invest in the KISS GOLD pair. These are all-black dumbbells made of solid steel and a mix of TPU material.

For the pair of 66 lbs. (33 lbs. each), you’ll receive four 5.5-pounders, four 4.4-pounders, four 2.8-pounders, and four 2.2-pounders. The package also includes four spinlock collars, two handles, and a chrome connector to transform the dumbbells into a barbell.

I like the dumbbell’s contoured handle, but I wish they made it knurled for added grip. Instead, they used coarsened plastic grips. But considering that this is a lighter pair, I don’t see it as a significant issue.

Moreover, I like the polygon shape of the plates that prevent it from rolling. The only issue I noticed here is that it’s not easy to find additional plates if you want to level up the total weight.

Nevertheless, they compensated through the spinlock design. It has an enclosed design with end plugs to prevent it from becoming loose.

Aside from the 66 lbs. set, you can also get this in 44 lbs. version with 22 lbs. on each bar.


  • TPU coated
  • Bundled with a bar connector
  • Polygon shape to prevent rolling


  • Not easy to find additional plates due to their design

5. CAP Barbell Adjustable Spinlock Dumbbells

My last pick for this roundup is the CAP Barbell. This is a 40-lbs. set, perfect for those who are getting started in lifting weights. This includes four 5-pounders and four 2.5-pounders. It’s also bundled with four spinlock collars and two handles. Since this is a lighter set, it’s also cheaper than the previous pairs I reviewed above.

The plates of this set are made of cast iron with a semi-glossy finish. The bars have knurled handles, so it doesn’t slip while in use. The collars also have rubber trims to make them ‘stickier’ when locking the plates in place.

Moreover, this dumbbell set comes with a plastic storage box. For this price range, this is an excellent add-on, so you can keep your dumbbells safe and clean.

Also, I want to highlight that this set’s plates are much cleaner than other options I’ve tried before. I didn’t notice any metal chippings, and the bars aren’t that messy. Also, the smell isn’t that bad as other users say. I think it’s pretty normal for dumbbells to have a slight odor due to the finish.


  • Bundled with a storage box
  • Affordable and perfect for beginners
  • Semi-glossy finish


  • The rubber trims on the locks tend to fall off

How to choose spinlock dumbbells

When shopping for the best spinlock dumbbells, it’s essential to consider these points:

Weight range

The first thing to think about is the weight range of the dumbbells you’re going to buy. Dumbbells are available in a wide range of weights, but spinlocks are easily adjustable.

You can find a 40 lbs. pair or up to 200 lbs. Ensure that you match the weight to your fitness level and the routines you plan to do in the future.

If you’re body-building, a higher weight range will suit you well. Beginners will thrive on lighter ones, not to mention that it’s also cheaper.

Going big right away isn’t always a good choice. Think about how far you’re planning to take your fitness goals. If you’re only aiming for maintenance and staying fit, a 200 lbs. set might be overkill.


Make sure that you’re buying dumbbells made of pure cast iron. This is solid steel that will not break or chip easily. Although dumbbells vary on coating and finish, I don’t consider it as a major concern. Besides, you’re buying dumbbells to lift it, not to look at it as a trophy.

Design and shape

Most spinlock dumbbells are available in either circular or polygonal plate designs. Circular plates are common and cheaper options. It’s also very easy to find replacement parts and plates for this type of dumbbell. However, it rolls around, which gives it a slightly higher safety risk than other free weights.

On the other hand, polygonal dumbbell plates don’t roll, but it’s not easy to find replacements. It also tends to be slightly pricier than standard circular plates.


The handle of the dumbbells should be durable and solid. This part will hold the entire weight of the plates, so there’s no room for cheap and flimsy ones. I also prefer knurled handles because it adds grip to the dumbbell.

Meanwhile, you can also find spinlock dumbbells paired with a connector so you can combine both bars to form a barbell.

Spinlock collar quality

The most common problem with spinlock dumbbells is poorly designed collars. Take note that the spinlock collars will hold the plates in place to not fall off during your workout.

Look for spinlock collars with rubber trims on them so it will adhere tightly to the bar. Other spinlock collar designs prevent it from unraveling while in use.

Price and warranty

Lastly, consider the price of the dumbbells. High-quality dumbbells might be expensive, but it’s made to last a lifetime. Also, investing in quality is equivalent to added safety because the materials and design are premium.

For those on a budget, the right balance between price and quality is the key.

What are spinlock dumbbells?

Spinlock dumbbells use a spinlock collar to keep the plates intact on the bar. The bar has a screw-like thread where the spinlock will glide.

The good thing about spinlock dumbbells is it allows users to remove and add plates on the fly. This is an excellent option than buying multiple pairs just to increase the weight you’re lifting.

Moreover, spinlock dumbbells can range from 4 lbs. to 200 lbs. Also, most are bundled with long bars so you can transform it into a barbell.

The only downside to spinlock dumbbells is it’s more prone to wear and tear. Repetitive unscrewing of the spinlock collar will soon damage its thread. But with proper upkeep, you can easily limit this. Besides, replacement parts are very easy to come by.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How heavy should dumbbells be?

A: For beginners, fitness instructors recommend starting with the lowest possible weight. For spinlock dumbbells, these are 2.25 lbs. plates. This is to allow the body to adjust before increasing the weight. Rushing into very heavy plates will only cause injuries.

Q: Can I lift dumbbells every day?

A: Strength and weight training shouldn’t be done every day because it will damage the muscles. On average, it’s recommended to perform this routine only 3 to 4 times a week.

Q: Do dumbbells help lose arm fat?

A: Dumbbells help burn fats all over the body, not just in your arms. Aside from that, it also builds muscles so you will lose weight even more.

Final words

The best spinlock dumbbells are highly adjustable to suit your routines. Unlike hex or neoprene types, this will not cause clutter or consume a large space in your home. There are also various options to suit your preferred type, budget, and workout needs.

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