Best Sound System for Home Gym

A workout session will not be complete without the best sound system for home gym. Using the speaker system of your gym, you can play upbeat music and instructor courses with ease. The punchy beats and deep bass will set the mood for your workout session, not to mention that it will also help with … Read more

How to Hang Upside Down without an Inversion Table?

gymnast hanging upside down

More and more people are starting to rave about inversion therapy. This is a kind of therapy that utilizes inversion to reap benefits for the body. The person will indeed be hanging upside down where the head is lower than the heart. It’s proven to have therapeutic effects, but at the same time is not … Read more

5 Best Budget Power Rack

Power racks are important gym equipment you cannot afford to miss in a gym setup. However, power racks are not always the cheapest. You can get some going for several thousands of dollars. That might not always be within the budget of most people. It is why they might be in the market for the … Read more